Life with 2

Life as two can be hard but full of memories. Leah and Bree. can they hanlde life as 2 and maybe 3


2. Dropping off and Work

Bree and I got into the car and drove to Alli's house. Bree was singing along Taylor Swift- Red. She is obseessed with Taylor and Im taking heer to see Taylor but Bree doesnt know yet! Its for her birthday present. "MOMMY" "Yes Bree" i replied as calm as I could even though she yelled louder then I wanted. " Are we there yet?" Bree softly said. As  I turned the corner, I replied " Actually yes Bree we are, I said pulling into Alli's Driveway.  I unbuckled myself, stepping out and walking to Bree's door. Grabbing her out of her car seat  and setting her next to me, I closed the car door and headed to the front door. Ringing the door bell, Alli and her mom answered the door and we walked into her house. After I talked to Taylor's mom about what time to pick Bree up. I said bye to Bree and gave her a kiss. I walked to my car and pulled out my phone to see I got a call from an unknown number. I thought to myself as I pulled out of the driveway, who could have gotten my number. I didnt give it to anyone lately. Oh my god I said as i stopped at a red light. Could it be Justin. No it can not. The last time I had talked to him was 5 years ago. Yes 5 years ago when Bree was born. I know what your thinking is Justin Bree's Father? Well yes, he is and im not happy about that. Although Bree is an amazing daughter,she was not planned for me and Justin. Justinn and I had a past.

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