Life with 2

Life as two can be hard but full of memories. Leah and Bree. can they hanlde life as 2 and maybe 3


1. A New Day A New Challege

"MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY" I heard Bree yell in my ear. "Yes Bree babby" "Get up and get ready" "Why would I get ready Bree?" "Because today is my play date with Alli" Bree said as she walkd away towards the kitchen. "Ugh crap,I forget, I said quitely so that I could only here myself.  I got out of bed and started making breakfeast for Bree and I. "Bree Babbby" I yelled as she came running down the staris. "Slow down,speed demon" She giggled and sat down at the table. "Im going to take a shower so when your done eating put you plate in the sink and watch tv. Cause your taking a shower after me so that Alli and her family don't think your smelly." "Im not smelly, you are mommy." Bree yelled from the kitchen. As I striped down into the shower, I realized that I had work today. I'm a model for  Vs/Victoria Secret.But I also work as a fashion designer. Being a model pays alot but I love fashion and I want Alli to have an amazing life. "MOMMY  MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY" Bree yelled snapping me out of my thoughts." Just give me 5 more minutes baby." "Okay mommy" As i washed my hair and washed my body with a pepermint body wash, all i could thik about is why would Alli call me when im in the shower. Ahe alwasy sits either in her room or on the couch. I turned the water off and got dressed, into Nike pro shorts and a volleyball t-shirt. I did vollleyball and cheer when I was in high school. I now am a coach for volleyball and cheer. Once I was dressed I texted my sisters. They are both older then me but we are super close. I also have a brother, he is a Marine. I texted my sisters back and went to see what Bree was doing. "Bree come here now" I yelled as anger exploded in my vains. "NO NEVER" Bree yelled obviosuly joking. "BREE NOW" I yelled evern agrier this time. 2 seconds ater Bree walked out holding her elbow. "Yes mommy" "Explain this to me" I said as i pointed to the blood staind carpet that wasn't there when i got into the shower. " I don't know what that is mommy. I don't"  "BREE KYLIE STOP LYNG TO ME." I was getting angrier by the minute. " Mommy stop yelling at me." " Bree come sit with me on the couch" I said trying to calm myself. " Baby look at me, I am sorry for yelling at you but you can't lie to me sweety." " Now just please explain the blood stain" " I was running up and down the stairs when  I fell and hit my elbow on the tv. My elbow started bleeding and I didn't know what to do." "Bree come here and let me check your elbow." I looked at her elbow closely and soon  know tht she was fine, we just had to wash her elbow and give her a band-aid. "Sit right here, I'll be back in a second." I said as i got up making my way to closet, pulling out a mickey mouse band-aid.  " I am back  Bree as i opend the band-aid puttig it on her elbow. "You will be fine but from now on no running up and down the stairs. Okay Bree?" "Okay mommy, i wove you wery much." Bree said before i picked her up and she kissed me on the cheeck. "Now it 10:30 lets go to the car and drive you to Alli's house Bree baby."Bree hoped  out of my arms running to the door and slipping her sandals on.

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