A collection of very short stories and possibly the occasional poem which I like enough to upload, but not to give a new Movella to.


3. Playground Courtroom

There's a courtroom in the playground
But the courtroom is corrupt
The jury are all biased
And the prosecutor's judge

The climbing frame's the witness box
The defendant stands alone
She counts the hours till three o'clock 
When she can run back home

They're all among the play equipment
Hidden from prying eyes
This little children's lynching 
Uses games as it's disguise

"Miss Mary Smith, you stand accused
Of being teacher's pet
For every time she's favoured you
You owe us each a debt

For every long detention
You have not had to bear
We'll pinch you, punch you, kick you, bruise you
Pull your nice long hair

So think of this tomorrow
When your homework gets a star
You can try and hide at break time
But we'll find out where you are"

The prosecutor's said her piece
The jury nod and smile
So now they've pleased they're ringleader
They're safe from her for a while

For as the judge says Mary Smith
Will get her just deserts
She casts her eye over other friends 
And chooses the next to hurt

The bell has rung and Mary Smith
Runs home so much upset
But her parents pay her little head
"She's too young too be bullied yet"

And little our dear miss, prosecutor
Our ringleader, judge supreme
Runs home to doting parents
To smiles, to happy dreams

Think not that little children
Are innocent of sin
For one at least is not too young
To let the devil in.


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