Puerto Rican Princess A Niall Horan Fan Fic

Valentina is not like any normal girl, she's a princess a princess of Puerto Rican princess. But not the royal the famous kind. Any who, is she sick of living the life of a princess? Will she met her Prince Charming? Find out on Puerto Rican Princess. ��


2. Hi I'm...

Hi I'm Valentina. I'm 20 years old and I'm Puerto Rican. No mama and papa didn't hit me, or shit like that. That would be a no-no. I'm what you would call a princess, but not the royal, I'm just very famous in Puerto Rico. I live a well you can call it a 'palace'. It's very big, over 100 rooms, best security ever, and my best friend Abygail moved in with me not to long ago, after her parents died. Yeah she's been through a lot. And has no other family. She is the last of her family. But the truth is, I don't wanna be a princess anymore. I wanna go and live in the U.S with Abygail. But that's enough for right now. Whale. Bye!💕

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