Puerto Rican Princess A Niall Horan Fan Fic

Valentina is not like any normal girl, she's a princess a princess of Puerto Rican princess. But not the royal the famous kind. Any who, is she sick of living the life of a princess? Will she met her Prince Charming? Find out on Puerto Rican Princess. ��


24. Chapter13


Valentina's POV

29 days left. Ugh. I love Niall I really do but I don't wanna brake yup with him but I'm never going to see him again he has a life and his life doesn't involve me...

Niall's POV

Val has been acting weird lately. Like she doesn't wanna snuggle and she won't let me rap my strong arms around her in bed. I wonder if I did anything wrong, maybe I should ask her what's up. "Hey babe, can I ask you something?" I ask hopefully. "Umm sure." She answered. "Why don't you wanna snuggle and do cute couple things with me anymore?"I ask. She hasn't said anything it looked like she was thinking about she was gonna say. " u-umm I don't know.." She's lying. I just know it.

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