Puerto Rican Princess A Niall Horan Fan Fic

Valentina is not like any normal girl, she's a princess a princess of Puerto Rican princess. But not the royal the famous kind. Any who, is she sick of living the life of a princess? Will she met her Prince Charming? Find out on Puerto Rican Princess. ��


7. Chapter 4

Abygail's POV:

"Valentina !Valentina !Por aquí princesa, ¿Con quién estás , ¿Es cierto que su dejar Puerto Rico?" The pops asked Valentina. Well I can answer your first question, she don't wanna look over there cuz you ugly, next she is with her best friend and cousin, next how the hell did you guys know about Val wanting to leave Puerto Rico? I would of answered their dumb ass questions but we all made a promise not to speach to the pops, we even drew blood on paper to make it official. Not kidding.

Valentina's POV:

"Valentina !Valentina !Por aquí princesa, ¿Con quién estás , ¿Es cierto que su dejar Puerto Rico?" I hear the pops ask away on their fucking stupid questions. Ugh I hate them! One question hit me hard tho, " is it true your leaving Puerto Rico?" How did they know? First of how did they hear? No one in mi familia talked to the press not even friends, we drew blood! "¡Fuera , dejar a las niñas solas , Vete si no vas a comprar nada!" One of the store workers yelled at the press. (AN: he told them to get out if they not gonna buy anything. And leave the girls alone.) " Val! Come here!" Isaura yells at me. " Que?" " look at these shoes!" She said. " If ya like them, buy them. " " Nah I don't like them." " Then why did you call me over?" " I thought that you would like them.." She says sadly " why do you sound sad?" I ask. " I haven't been around you much to know what you like and don't like." She says slowly and sadly. " it's okay." I say and she looks up at me and hugs me. " Hey Val and Isera!( Isera Is her nick name) come look what I found!" Aby told me and Isera.

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