The State of In Between

the state of in-between: where two people are more then a flirtation ship but a little less then a thing.

Brodrick is Aubrey's type: tall, dark chocolate hair, sparkling blue eyes, funny, caring, intelligent, and listens to the same music she does.

Aubrey is Brodrick's type: a short cute height of 5''2', long curly blonde hair, electric blue eyes, athletic and all the same as Brodrick.

they're a perfect match! but there is one thing wrong, one thing keeping them apart. Aubrey is in a relationship with another guy. when Brodrick found out about her and Jaymos (the other guy) he was heart broken knowing he wasn't quick enough to get to her.

'of course she's already taken! she's beautiful.' Brodrick thought to himself not knowing his luck would soon change when Jaymos breaks Aubrey's heart.

how will Aubrey handle this pathetic break up? will Brodrick be able to save her and take his rightful place in her heart?


1. Heartbreak

"SIX MONTHS AND I'M TREATED LIKE SHIT! WHAT THE HELL DID I DO TO BE PUT THROUGH HELL WITH EVERYTHING? With my uncles and Daniel... I just don't understand anymore. Why am I put through hell every god damned fucking day?" I cried into ronnie's shirt. After he had died it had been mine but before that it was my grandpa and before him it was my uncle John's. This shirt is like a family heirloom passed on after the previous owner passed on. And I know that it will be passed on after I do the same. I've told this story to my friend jayme so she understands why I'm cradling it. Sure it was a break up but everything else in my life was worse and this just pushed me over the edge.

Jayme rubbed my back trying to console me, calm me down. Her phone buzzed just as she was starting to speak. She unlocked it and swiped through her main screens and to her messages. I don't know what it had said but she quickly exited out and went to instagram and searched a name after finding it she turned it off and put the phone of to the side. "What is it?" I asked. 

"It's Jaymos, he changed his profile on instagram to him a Sophia..." She said and started rubbing my back more. So he's just moved on! Not a second thought to me. 

"This happened twice now, Jayme! First with Ethan and now Jaymos!" I was crying harder now. Jayme just shushed me and rubbed my back. She's not that great with consoling words but I know she's trying and I'm so glad she's here for me. 


That night I was telling people about the break up so my friends knew it was over. I sent a text to my friend Gavin Johnson. Him and I were kind of in the same boat: heart broken. But he didn't answer. The time was 11:57 and Jayme was asleep next to me so I grabbed her phone(she wouldn't mind) and I went to facebook. Scrowling through her friends I saw Brodrick, a close friend of mine, so I sent him a message not thinking he would answer but he did.

And so began my state of in between.

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