Saved by Magcon?!


2. Chapter 1. The bullies.

"No one likes you MacKenna, your just a little whore that has no daddy." Alex says as he punches me.

"Leave me alone! You've done enough already. My dad left me when I was 10. I have a dad unlike you snot nosed little manwhores who sleep with every girl you meet." I say lookin up at him.

"You little whore." He says hitting me even more as Trey and Nick hold me down.

"MacKenna! Hey let her go you douche." I hear a voice say.

They let go of me and I grab my stuff and run. I run as fast as I can until I reach my house. I shoot through the door and quickly I'm stopped.

"Mackenna. Oh my god, sweetie are you ok." My mom says rushing over to me. I look around to see Magcon. Last thing I remember is blacking out.

I wake up to see 9 boys, 4 girls, my mom and her husband. I start freaking out when I see the 3 that look like my bullies.

"No. No please get get away from me. Please don't hurt me. I never did anything to you." I cry as I scoot back to my headboard.

"MacKenna. No one is going to hurt you ever again. Baby, who and why are they doing this to you?" Asks My mom.

"They keep bullying me, because I have no dad. And I won't say." I tell her as I get up and grab my laptop.

I look at everyone and seem them staring back at me. then I go back and sit on my bed.

"@HaileyRae_: @Faithjames7 is such a slut."

"@AlexMichael4_: @Faithjames7 needs to just die already. She's honestly not wanted at our school."

"Are you serious?" I say as I wipe away my tears. "Why do they always pick on me? What did I do?"

I shut my laptop and grab some clothes.

"Y'all can leave my room now." I say looking at them. Then all of them leave and I shut the door.

I take a shower then go downstairs to where everyone is.

"Hey, let me fully introduce myself to y'all. I'm MacKenna Faith James. Those are my sisters Faye, Hope, and Grace. And you are?"

"We're Magcon. I'm Nash, that's my little brother Hayes. And well I guess we're your new stepbrothers."

"YYYAAAAYYYYY!!!! I've always wanted brothers!" I say running up to Nash and hugging him.

"MacKenna. Can't. Breathe. Need air." He says then I suddenly let go.

"Oh gosh!" Says my mom throwing her hands up. "MacKenna, kids. Us two, are going out. So, remember girls you know the rules. If you happen to throw a party. NO DRUGS. Got it Hope? Ok, good bye. We love you all. And see y'all later."

As soon as they leave, Nash looks at us.

"Party time?"

"Yes!" Screeches Hope and Faye (their twins)

"I'm gonna put Grace to bed. So yeah. Bye." I say as Grace and I quickly run up to her room.

"Why won't you go to the party?" Asks Grace as she grabs my laptop.

"Because everytime I throw a party, My bullies show up and I get beat. Because they never know first thing." I say as I tuck her in. "Now, I'm going to my room. I love you."

As soon as I shut the door, Alex is standing there.

"what do you want Alex?"

"I want you to do whatever I say."

"No." I mumbled to myself

What did you just say? I sure hope that was a Yes. If not you'll get your beatings in front of every one at the party."

He forcibly takes me dance stairs and we dance. That was until he grabs my arm and tries to kiss me.

"Let go of me, I don't like you." I cry, which made everyone look my way.

He hits me in the stomach.

"Oh shut up you worthless little slut. You know you liked it. You were the one that told me you were gonna have sex with me if I went along with you."

"No I didn't. Your lying. Now let. Go of me. Now." I say trying to free my hand from his grasp.

Next thing I remember is waking up in Cameron's arms.

"Wha- what happened?" I say.

"MacKenna. Oh my gosh, I'm so happy your ok. You left, and I followed you to make sure that you were ok. And you blacked. Out."


"Yes Macke-" before I knew it I kissed him then he kisses me back and I bite my lip.

"Thanks. For making sure I'm ok."

"Your welcome." Says Cameron getting up and shutting my door.


"Wait MacKenna.... Can I ask you something?"

"Yeah." I say as I take my dress off and change into some pajamas.

"I wanted to know if you'll go to Magcon with us. Be our guest?" He says as he lays down on my bed. I sit on top of him and look at him.

"Cammy, can I just tell you that. I think your sweet, kind, funny, amazing, fun to be around, and your extremely hot."

"Kenna, can I just tell YOU that your beautiful, gorgeous, pretty, amazing, your sweet, kind, funny, a little bit crazy, and your extremely cute. And you want to know what else?"


"I thought from when I saw you earlier, that you were gonna be mine. And I want you to be mine forever. I won't do anything stupid. I won't hurt you like Alex did. I'll be your superhero." He says smiling at me. I look down( and wwooooohhhh, I can see his abs and they are mighty fine) all I do is blush and cover my face with my sleeves.

"CAMERON." I hear Nash yell.

"Awww, baby he ruined the moment."

I get off of him and go to my bathroom while Cameron goes to the door.

"What?" He says to Nash.

"MacKenna can you come here please? We would like to see you and Cameron both downstairs."

*Downstairs in the den with Magcon*

"So what is it you needed to talk to me about?" I ask.

"We know about you two."

"How?" I say looking all innocent.

"Cameron's still shirtless and your wearing an oversized sweatshirt and short shorts like Ariana Grande would wear." Says Matt.

I feel Cam wrap his arms around my waist and I look up to him and smile.

"Girl, all I have I say is I approve. BUT! Mr Caneron Dallas. You have to prove to me that you deserve MacKenna Faith James." Says Mahogany

"Lox, you know me, I wouldn't hurt a girl."

"Well, I'm just being a protective bestfriend of Kenna!" She says.

"Thanks Mahogany." I say smiling. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm tired and I wanna go to bed."

I let go of Cameron and walk upstairs to my room when I'm stopped by someone, I look up to see Taylor.

"Oh, hey Taylor!" I say.

"Hey MacKenna, if he does anything stupid you let me know and I'll deal with him. Ok?"

"Ok my little bandana boy." I tell him as I ruffle his hair messing up his bandana.

I get past him and walk up to my room and go in and lay down on my bed.

"Can I join?" Laughs a shirtless Cameron.

"No. I don't want you to."

"Well, I am anyways whether you like it or not." He says coming to lay down next me.

"Awwwwww, my little Cammy." I say wrapping my arms and legs around him.

"I don't see how anyone could bully a beautiful girl like you."

"Yeah. I know!"

"So what really happened MacKenna?"

I let go of him and sit up with my legs crossed.

"Well, it all happened in 7th grade. I dated Alex, well Nick ha a crush on me and so did Trey. They decided to spread rumors around that I was cheating on Alex with his brother Mikey. Well Alex heard about the rumors and stuff happened and they started bullying me. The only one who stuck by my side the whole time was Mikey."

"Baby, next time they bully you. I'll be there to protect you." Says Cameron hugging me.

"Thanks Cameron."

"Call me Dallas..... Cameron Dallas." He says laughing and standing up and doing the superman pose.

I pull him down and he falls on top of me and he rolls over to where I'm on top. I look at him and he smiles.

"Your beautiful MacKenna." He says smiling and biting his lip.

*Knock Knock*

"Who is it?" I yell.

"Your favorite person in the world. The person you love a lot and won't stop loving no matter what." Says the male voice.

"OMFG! KIAN!" I scream, I get up and run to the door to see O2L (Kian is gonna be Kenna's cousin. K? K.)

"Kenna!" He screams embracing me in a bear hug.

"Kian." I cry. "I missed you a lot."

"Awe don't cry. But you have to introduce me to everyone, including him." He says pointing at Cam.

"You know who Magcon is right?" I ask.

"Well, yeah. Were all good friends. Especially me Matt and JC."

"Well that's who's here. And Cameron. Well he is apart of Magcon but you know what I mean."

"Kenna, it's so great to see you though. By the way, this is Kayden my stepsister." He says introducing me to a blonde haired girl.

"Hi I'm Ken-"

"I don't care who you are, I was forced to come here my Kians dumb mom and my dad. So stfu! Mkay?"

"Ok listen here, do not say my aunt is dumb because she's not. Also, your at my house so YOU can stfu! Mkay? Okay. Thanks love now I would like all of y'all to leave my room except for Cam."

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