Wrapped Around Your Finger *UNPREDICTABLE Sequel*

This is the sequel to UNPREDICTABLE so if you haven't read that, go do so. You won't understand this book if you haven't read this one.


4. Chapter Three

Luke's POV

Savannah sleeps in my arm as I Unlock my phone. I grin at the screen, a picture of us kissing. Savannah stands on her tiptoes and has one of her hands in my hair, her other arm wrapped around my neck. I have one hand under her chin and the other on her hip. Both of us are smiling like we just won the lottery.

"I love that picture," She mumbles sleepily from my chest. "It reminds me of when we were happy."

"We aren't happy now?" I ask, cocking an eyebrow. I thought we were fine. Please let us be fine.

"I'm not," she continues in her sleepy voice. "You leave in two days, my parents are here, and, to put the icing on the shit cake, our year anniversary will be when you're gone." I forgot about the fact that we leave in two days.

Eight months away from Savannah.

"Two days?" She nods. "Shit, babe, i'm sorry."

"It's not your choice." She stands up. "You should pack. I'm gonna go hang out with Lils." I reach for her arm. She turns.

"You okay?" She sighs.

"You want the real answer or the one that I tell everyone?"

"Real." I say, needing to know the truth.

"Not really." She laughs, but it's a sour laugh. "My world is full of evil and darkness and at the moment the walls inside my head are crumbling and I've got nowhere to go. All I can do, it seems, is break down and cry. I'm hiding a lot of secrets and I want to let them out so, so bad, but if I do everyone will twist them into ugly shapes and use them as leverage to make me feel horrible. And, God, I just don't know if I am who I used to be anymore. I feel like I lost a huge part of myself when I- when it happened. And here I am, lying to my own boyfriend because i'm too afraid to tell him what happened. God, I really am a fuckup." She laughs sourly again, shaking her head.

"Babe, will you stay up here? I need help." I say, giving her puppy dog eyes. She giggles, a genuine laugh this time.

"Sure." She rolls her eyes. "You realize i'm not gonna be there to help you and cuddle with you and stuff, right?"

"Yeah, but I can cuddle with Calum." I say. "That boy loves to cuddle."

"Should I be jealous?" she asks, throwing a misfits shirt into my suitcase.

"No, well maybe." I smile.

"SUCK MY DICK, ROBERT! YOU NEVER CARED ABOUT THEM ANYWAY! SAVANNAH'S LIVED WITH ME LONGER THAN SHE LIVED WITH YOU, YOU ASSHOLE!" Calum yells from downstairs. I hear the game that Lily and Michael are playing in the basement pause, and Savannah freezes.

"Fuck." She groans. "C'mon, we've got a nutcase to shut up." She walks down the stairs and sucks in a breath.

"Calum Thomas Hood!" I yell. He's punching the shit out of Robert. She grabs my wrist.

"Let him," she whispers. "Bastard had it coming." Then, louder she yells "How does it feel? Knowing there are people around who could help you but won't?" I pull Calum off of him and she looks him dead in the eye.

"It sucks when it's you, doesn't it? You guys have overstayed your welcome. Get out of my house." She says to her 'Mother' and 'Father'. She throws a suitcase out into the driveway. "Go. Out. Leave." She says.

"We are your blood, you can't just kick us out!" Lisa yells. Savannah laughs.

"Didn't stop you, did it? GET. OUT." She throws the rest of their things out, shoving them behind. "Don't come back." She throws the door in their faces.

"Babe?" She looks drained.

"Hold me. No talking, just hold me." She whispers.

And I do.


Two days later, 5 AM. Savannah's POV

The boys are loading the tour bus with their luggage as I take another swig of cold coffee. Liz


"This is just horrible. I mean, it's great, but it's sad. They're away for so long, it must be tough." She sighs again. "He really loves you, you know." I nod, tears tugging at the edges of my eyes. I let out a shaky breath and she rubs my back.

"I'm gonna miss him so much. Make sure he calls me okay?"

"Believe me, I will." Luke chimes in. "I can't go a day without you." He whispers, tears falling from the edges of his eyes. They get a darker shade of blue. Like an ocean that I want to drown in.

"When are you guys leaving?" I ask, my voice hoarse as I bury my face in his chest.

"What time is it?" He asks, and I can feel his voice vibrating through his body, considering i'm only 2 inches shorter than him.

"Five thirty two. Time to say goodbye, boys." Lara yells from the bus. I decide it's okay to cry, even if this is only for two weeks.

"Here are the rules," He states. "No crying and no getting naked without me." He smiles, and I do too.

"What about when I shower?" I ask.

"Send me pictures." He whispers.

"LUCAS ROBERT!" Liz yells. "I CAN STILL GROUND YOU!" I laugh as Luke turns red.

"Sorry mum. I love you, baby." He whispers.

"I love you, too." I kiss him quickly, and notice we're not the only ones. Lily is on her tiptoes trying to reach Mikey. Well, succeeding, but that's not the point.

"When did that happen?" I whisper to Luke.

"I have no idea. Quit sucking face! We're trying to have a moment over here!" He yells.

"Let's just have the moment anyway." I say, kissing him.

"Forever and ever?" He asks from the window as they drive away.

"Forever and ever." The last thing I see, apart from his kisses being blown to me, is Ashton sobbing and Mikey grinning like he's crazy. I feel my phone vibrate.

From: My Baby <3

Please tell me I'm not the only one crying right now.

He's not, but I won't tell him that. I slide it into my pocket and enter our room, flopping onto the bed and absorbing his smell. A tag tickles my side. It's attached to a bear and reads "Squeeze me" I do.

"Hey babe, it's Luke here. You might notice this right after I leave, or two days after I leave, but here's the things you need to know. Yes, I took one of your shirts because it smells just like you and you smell like heaven. Also, I left two shirts and a sweatshirt in the closet for you, plus, his bear smells like me. I made sure of it. Oh, and the last thing, You are beautiful and I love you. Forever and ever, babygirl, forever and ever." I smile sadly as tears flow freely down my face.

Forever and ever, babygirl, forever and ever.







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