Wrapped Around Your Finger *UNPREDICTABLE Sequel*

This is the sequel to UNPREDICTABLE so if you haven't read that, go do so. You won't understand this book if you haven't read this one.


10. Chapter Nine (Birthday extravaganza!)



When I walked out of the room I was immediately yelled at by Luke,

“Lily, please for the love of God, go change,”

I then rolled my eyes at him

“No thanks, Luke. I’m good.”

“Babe, she looks fine. I’m wearing the same thing but in black and no one’s hounding me.”  Savannah said, looking at Luke sternly.  “Don’t create double standards because she’s your sister and you want to get in my pants for god’s sake.”

Luke sighed and nodded knowing that he had lost the battle with Savannah. He always did -and still does-.  

“Holy… Wow….” Michael exhaled upon noticing me in a dress.

“Well hello there to you too, Michael.”I replied as he grabbed my hip and pulled me closer to him.

I heard someone clear their throat behind us no doubt it was Ashton .

Savannah sighed and turned toward him, and the way she looked at him will forever be burned into my mind. A combination of both  shut the fuck up, Ashton.  and  I get it, you’re sad. But don’t ruin this for her, okay?

And with that we got into the car and headed to the place where we are now ;

The Club.

    Savannah, Luke and Calum, with The Devil’s whore not far behind, made their way to the dance floor. While Michael, Ashton and I stayed by the bar because I refused to grind. That stuff is nasty and never will I do it. Anyway Ashton sat  at the bar most likely glaring at Michael and I.

“Hey Lily you should taste this it is fantastic.”He handed me the drink and I took a sip right before Ashton took it away from me.

“Aren't you a little too young to be drinking an alcoholic beverage Lily?If you get caught your Mum will kill you and never let you go on tour again. Do you really want that?”

Savannah would say the same thing, and so would Luke. They’re all too overprotective. I mean, what’s one drink gonna do?  Not much.  They’ve done body shots in the kitchen more times than I can count on my fingers and toes.

“Mum isn’t here, Ashton. And I know you aren’t gonna rat me out because you’re a good person and this is only harmless fun,” I said like an Aphrodite charm speaker.

“Wanna bet Lily? I could rat you out right here right now so dont pick up another drink or I will tell Liz. Understood?’” Ashton sneered,throwing the drink onto the floor and stomping  his way to the dance floor like a five year old getting sent to time out.

Fuck it. I thought. Now or never.

“Hey, assface!” I called. He turned to me, in all his anger. “I know you hate me for not wanting to be with an unfaithful  douchebag, but this is what wanna do! So  if you could politely fuck off that’d be great!”

“Excuse me?” He asked, stepping closer.

“You heard me, fucktrain.” And with that, Ashton was promptly covered in margarita as I proudly walked back to the bar.

Michael handed me another Margarita and we then made our way to a booth that we could only sit in two seconds because Savannah screamed “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING WITH MY BOYFRIEND?”


“Get off him, you whore!” I yelled over the music.

    Her hips were moving much too close to his. Her arms were too close to wrapping themselves around his neck. She was too close to him. Way too close.

    “Oh, sorry, am I too close to your boyfriend?”  She asked, oozing sarcasm.

“Yeah, bitch, you are.” I replied, stepping closer. “Get away, now.”

“Magic words, sissy.” She said sweetly.

“Oh, yeah. Sorry. If I remember correctly they’re ‘please’, ‘thank you’  and ‘step off, bitch.’, right?”

“No, it’s ‘You’re prettier than me, so take him.’”

     That was my invitation to rip her apart.

Luke knew what was going to happen, and he knew better than to try and stop it.

My fist met her cheekbone as fast as it could, and she reached for my hair as I took her down. She hit the ground hard and soon she was pulled up by me in my rage.

She was so not getting off that easily.

Her back was thrown into the wall and I stood tall over her. “I don’t do this  to humiliate you, Brianna. I do this because I love the blood on my hands. I do this because i’m gonna make you feel this pain every time you go to  a club. Every...time. I do this because I,” I took a breath, “Hate you. With every ounce of me.”

Luke pulled me back and made sure I didn't kill her.  I didn’t think he wanted me in jail. You can’t screw someone when they’re in prison.

“Nothing was gonna happen, babe. Trust me on that, okay?”

“Yeah, I know,” I said, yet I was unsure. I had no control over the situation. No matter what, I couldn’t affect the outcome of it.  “I’m depersonalizing. “ I murmured into his chest. “Make it stop,”

“Shh, you’re okay. You’re still you, you’re still mine. You’re okay,”  He whispered.

“Is she…?” Calum asked. I could feel  Luke nod.

“We have to go.”

“But-” Lily began.

Now.” He stated.


“Guys we need to go to another club.” I insisted.

“No.” Luke sternly said. “You need to get some rest.”

“I feel bad though, Luke.”



2 hours and many drinks later we were back in the car and waiting for Michael to get whatever he needed from Walgreens. Whatever it was, I had a few assumptions. Michael hopped in the car and he smirked at Lily

“What's in the bag Mike ?” Luke asked.

“Nothing,” He said with a dopey grin.

Luke snatched the bag and opened it both of our eyes went wide at the sight of it.

“At least they’re being safe…” I mumbled as Luke began to turn red.

“MICHAEL GORDON CLIFFORD WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING SHE IS MY SISTER!” Luke screamed way to loudly. He needs to take a chill pill...

“Would you please chill out?” I asked. “Oh, no! A girl and her boyfriend have sexual relations! Get over it, baby. This is the 21st century, not the 16th.”

Luke glared at me and stated “I’m sorry babygirl, but you’re gonna have to stay with Lily tonight.”  

“The hell I am!” I exclaimed. “I’d rather be with you,”

Luke leaned on my shoulder and I huffed “You are so lucky I fucking love you Hemmings but trust me when we get to the L.A House you.are.mine.”

“I always will be, babygirl.” He grinned.

Calum gagged in the mirror and mumbled “Get a room.”


“WE WOULD BUT SADLY MICHAEL HAS TO BE A COCK BLOCK.” I yelled throwing my heel at the back of Michaels head. It went a little too far and hit Ashton on accident.   “WHAT THE HELL?” Ashton yelled, glaring at Lily ,”Look I know I’m a d-bag but you just took this way too far.’’

Lily’s mouth dropped.

“I did it, Ash. It was meant for Michael,” I snapped, glowering at him.  “Apparently he can dodge sex and stilettos.”

After that we were all silent in the car until we got to the hotel but still then no one talked that much. We all went to our rooms and here I am staring at the ceiling  in the dark, losing my mind.

Ugly. Worthless. You can’t do anything. You. Are. Nothing.

Face it, nothing’s gonna change. At all. Ever.

*plop* *plop* sounds came from the window and then it cracks, just like me cracking slowly. One piece of my heart falling out one by one.

Lily sits right up and whispers,“Savannah?”

“Yeah, Lils?” I whisper.


“What was that?”


“I have no idea. Want me to check?” I ask  already knowing the answer.


I slip out of bed and look out of the window to see a drunk Ashton still throwing rocks at the window even though there is a slight crack in it already. I huff

“What is that fucking idiot doing?”

“Fuck it. Fuck this, fuck that, fuck everything.” I huff as I hop balconies onto Luke’s (and supposedly mine, too) and for the night, Michaels. I knock on the sliding door  for three-ish minutes until he opens it, rubbing sleep out of his eyes.

“Why-” He begins, but yawns, “Why are you on my balcony? I’ll call secur- oh, babe, sorry. I thought you were some crazy fan.”

“Oh, thanks,” I yawn from the sleeplessness.  “Michael, get up! Your arch nemesis is *yawn* breaking windo-ws”

“He’s wh-” Luke begins, only to be cut off by my low voice.

“I need you really, really bad.” I whisper, looking into his eyes. “Please,”

“Okay, calm down,” Luke replies bringing me close to him and hugging him, “Don’t worry babygirl I got you the demons won't get you tonight.”

Little did he know they already had me in their grasp and  were crushing me harder everyday.


“Ashton!” I sneer from my window glaring down at him

He grins and waves at me “Tis thee my Rapunzel put your golden locks out from your window and let me in.”

He is so drunk it isn't even funny.

“Go home Ashton you're drunk.”

He stares at me. “ May I come in my fair maiden if you know what I mean.” I slap my face and slam the window shut. Right before I fall asleep there is a knock at my door which means I have to get up and walk over there, which when you're tired is not fun. When I do open the door much  to my surprise (not really) Ashton is there and trust me he came in quicker than I could object.

“Oh just make yourself right at fucking home won’t you.” I sneer as I slam the door and watch as Ashton sits on my bed. His Hazel eyes looked deep into my soul I swear at that moment in time he knew what I was thinking, but then again he knows me better than I know myself.

“Lovely sit.” Ashton demands.

“Get out Ash.” I demand,” Also dont call me that I don't know who you think you are but the one thing you are not is my boyfriend.”

I walk over by my bed and for the first time I am the one towering over him but even if I was taller he will always be 10 times more intimidating than I am theres just something about him when he is mad…. He has this look that says Try me and you might die.

“Sit.Down.Now.” Ashton demands again.

Who does he think he is


“Lilianne! Damnit! Do you want an apology or not.” I looked at him my blue eyes widening at the comment

He rarely used my full name and when he did it meant that he was mad. I sat down on my bed crossed legged and far away from him as possible.

“Lily look after I yelled at you for that shoe thing it made me realize that I have been a huge cock lately and I’m sorry.”

i let out a laugh,  "Are you fucking kidding me, Ashton? Sorry doesn’t cut shit. Do you really expect me out of all people to forgive you-”

Ashton frowns and pulls me close to him

“No but I would like you to,I miss you in my arms every night when our hearts would beat to the same time. I miss how when I’d take a picture of you you'd get mad and say it was hideous even though it would be beautiful.I miss our late night walks in the park hand in hand nobody but us and our shadows illuminated by the full moon.I miss the real smile you had and not the fake one you have displayed everyday,Lovely I know you're hiding back the pain and you need to let it out just one more night lay here with me not as lovers but as old friends don't do it for me do it for yourself, just please.”

Ashtons voice cracks at the end I see the pool of tears that has formed in his eyes over his speech and realize he is right I need this one more time not as the lovers we once were but as old friends and just like that I fall apart in his arms, the arms that once held me back when everything felt perfect and not falling apart something big is gonna happen and I can feel it in my veins I don't know what it is yet but soon I will ...





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