Wrapped Around Your Finger *UNPREDICTABLE Sequel*

This is the sequel to UNPREDICTABLE so if you haven't read that, go do so. You won't understand this book if you haven't read this one.


5. Chapter Four

Lilys POV


It's been two days since the boys have left and the house is quiet which is strange. Like it never happens even when there sleeping there is always some noise going on.... Anyways I jump when I hear the roar of thunder echo through the massive house.

It's funny how it's rained all day but it is starting to all make sense.

The door bell rings and Savannah runs to the door opening it...

A man in a dominos suit throws the pizza in Savannah's face and runs to his car then speeding away.

"Who sent the fucking pizza?" I asked a little freaked out.

"I have no idea but it is free pizza get the FIFA loaded up." she says like it isn't a little strange that we just got free fucking pizza.

"I wouldn't eat the fucking pizza if I were you...and I have never played FIFA so no."


Savannah shakes her head at me while eating a slice of pizza.....

(10 minutes later)

"See Lily I told you that free pizza is okay."

I look at her knowing she was right all along.

but I cannot stay mad at her because she is just to amazing

"This is not what it is only baby scars I need your love like a boy needs his mothers side." My phone sings. Savannah quickly grabs it unlocking it.

"Ohhh is it Michael your Lover." She teases but then her mouth goes open at the text.

Shit it was ashton

I never changed his name FUCK

a little smirk appears on her face,

"Ashton the sex god? Well Lily are you hiding something from me?"

I blush knowing this is all Ashtons fault

"No, I am not  he changed it and i didn't change it back." I calmly say instead of yelling I'm not mad at her i am mad at myself.

For trusting someone who just used me just like the others and still loving him keeping the name and the ringtone... I still Love Michael but it just seems strange he never really payed attention to me until the big ass fight. But Mike is awkward so i can see where he is coming from...

Listen Lily you do not love Ashton you Love Michael....

"Hey Lily here is your phone you look a little pale ...oh right it's your powder white complexion.I can fell you and Mikes connection." she quotes.

I glare at her. while she sets it back on the stand the stand that I knocked over the vase when Bri and Ash made out......

I shiver a little how can Savannah be related to that skank

"Okay Savannah banana lets Play some FIFA quick warning I am a fast learner."  I wink.

She laughs a little, "I've heard Ashton tells some interesting storys when he is drunk."

oh jesus 

Well the only way I can get her back is winning this war so get ready Savannah I am gonnaq kick your ass because there will be a new FIFA QUEEN....

I really doubt that guys I have never played fifa

so Ashtons 20 

I had a mental breakdown like at the end of beside you one of Savannah storys 

Hold me my drumsticks hold me 

so yeah I hoped you Liked the chapter Ive been having a major writers block so comment please  so I can win this war




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