Wrapped Around Your Finger *UNPREDICTABLE Sequel*

This is the sequel to UNPREDICTABLE so if you haven't read that, go do so. You won't understand this book if you haven't read this one.


9. Chapter Eight

Savannah's POV

After Calum's attempt at making me love him, I couldn't go back to sleep. I tossed and turned until 5, when I decided to sneak out of the bunk and get some water. And possibly a valium. I held my breath as I tiptoed into the kitchen and grabbed a cup. Thank God i'm tall or I would have had trouble reaching it. The problem with being tall, however, is that I have 3 and half foot long legs that bump into things a lot. I bumped into the table and cursed, knowing I had woken at least one person up. Luckily it wasn't Calum, but unluckily it was Michael.

"Hey. You're awake because...?" He asked.

"I couldn't sleep after..." I trailed off. "D-do you guys think... Do you think Luke doesn't deserve me?" My voice was soft and I looked down at my legs, they felt unusually bare and exposed. I hated it and wanted to cover up immediately, but I had to know what Mike thought.

"I just... He was so horrible to you for those few months. I mean, he was a douche for like half a year. You definitely deserved better, but now he treats you so well-" he stopped and looked at me, grabbing me by the chin and looking in my eyes. "Hey, get over it. Cal just likes you and wants to be with you so he's gonna try and get you to believe that shit. Ignore it," I sighed.

"I don't deserve him, that's whats confusing about it." I blew my hair out of my face, a single string of it hanging from my ponytail. It was loose and my flyaways weren't tucked behind my ears like they should be.

"You guys are perfect together." He said.

"I should go back to bed-" I started.

"I'm serious. Don't believe him." I smiled sleepily, mumbled 'Thanks Mikey' and wandered back to bed. I could hear Calum thrashing in his bunk. Maybe he's having a nightmare. You'd want to be woken up, wouldn't you? I sighed and pulled his curtain back, seeing him the most distraught I ever had. He had tears streaming down his face and his fists were balled up, clutching the sheets for dear life. I gripped his bare shoulder lightly.

"Cal. Hey, cal. Wake up," I whispered. He thrashed to the side again. I shook him lightly and he swung at me before opening his eyes. I was crouching on the floor when he opened them.

"Em? What're you doing?" He asked. I looked up and glared.

"Waking you up and avoiding your punches." I said crossly. His expression changed and he sat up, patting the bed. I sat down and hugged my knees to my chest. Its not easy to fit two 6 foot all people on a bed, facing each other. He tugs on my ankles and I lay my legs on his, smiling.

"Remember when we were kids and I was taller than you and Mali so she always teased you? And you'd just tell her she was short too and I'd laugh at you guys until I cried." He laughs as I tell the story and I do too.

"I miss this, babe," he says "I miss when everything as perfect."

"Babe?" I ask. He glares. "I know what you mean. I miss it too," I sigh.

"He doesn't deserve you, Emmy. He hasn't been there like me," He sighs, tears falling from his eyes as he shakes his eyes.

"Calum," I sigh. "Don't start. Not now, please."

"Please. Tell me you know you can do better."

"I don't want better, Cal. And if you're implying you're that 'better' then you're mistaken. I love you, Cal, just not like that.  And i'm not gonna apologize for being in love wit Luke, because that's not who I am." I reply.

"I know who you are, Emmy. I love who you are. I love everything about who you are." He sighs. "I just wish you loved me too,"

"I do, I do love you. Just not like that, Cal. I wish someone else did, but no one else who deserves you does," I said.

"I know." He said. "I'm just miserable without you. It makes no sense. Why're you with him?"

"Because he makes me ha-"

"Happy. That's all I want for you. Happiness."

"I want us both to be happy, cal." I sighed.

"Give me a chance, Em. Please?" He whispered, his voice cracking. I started to crying shook my head.

"I'm sorry." And I left him again.

For the third time I left him speechless and alone.

I felt horrible. I still do.


 "Morning babygirl," Luke mumbles sleepily, walking to the fridge and ruffling my bed head.

"Hey." I whisper, looking down and avoiding Calum's gaze. I can feel him burning holes in my head as I take a small bite of my toast. Luckily, Ashton comes to my rescue and asks Cal a question about the concert tonight. I look to him and mouth a 'Thank you' before returning to the plate that has been set in front of me. Luke rubs his hand on my back.

"What's wrong, babe?" There's no way I can tell him. There's too much drama already.

"Nothing. I'm just tired from the flight." I say. His eyebrow raises. "Seriously, baby. I'm fine." I kiss his cheek and his eyebrow goes back down.

"I'm here if you need me," He says. "Just know that." I nod and take a sip of my orange juice as Calum speaks up.

"I am too, Em. Always will be, always have been." I shoot him a glare and stand up, pushing my way past Lily and Michael who just got up. I'm gonna be sick. I can feel it. Calum follows me as I shut myself in the bathroom.

"Don't do that, Calum. Pease don't do that." I whisper. His eyes are full of hurt as he looks into my eyes.

"Emmy, please." I shake my head, tears brimming near the edges of my eyes.

"Calum, I'm with Luke. I'm sorry, but I just don't like you like that. We," I say, gesturing between us, "We weren't meant to be. If we were, something would've happened. There would've been a spark at some point-" Someone jiggled the doorknob.

"Sav? You okay?" Luke asks.

"There was a spark! Or did you forget that?" He asks. "Em, you remember it. I know you do."

"Calum, that was junior year. I was vulnerable and an emotional wreck,"

More jiggling

"Admit it. There was a spark." He hissed, trying to keep the conversation quiet.

"There wasn't a-" He cut me off by pressing my body against the wall and kissing me. The jiggling of the doorknob became intense as I debated whether I should push him off of me. The answer practically flashed in neon letters as I pushed him back, staring at him in disbelief.


"I'm fine," I said through gritted teeth, looking into Calum's eyes, which were a shade or two lighter than my own. He looked back at me, in all of my anger.

"You felt it. I know you did." He whispered, kissing my cheek. I turned my head, my tears seeping out of my eyes. I could practically see them turning green as more tears fell. Cal opened the door and left as Luke entered, looking as over protective as ever. He was always the least aggressive of the boys, but he put on an act when I was around, trying to look good. I looked him in the eyes, pain showing in my expression.

"What happened?" He said softly. A sob escaped my lips and I nearly hit the floor as my knees grew weak. He pulled me up and held me close as I bawled my eyes out. I could feel everyone's eyes on us, which made me panic.

Great, a panic attack would be so  lovely.

But life is a bitch, so you know I started having one. I looked up, losing control over my ability to breathe. Luke looked at me and shut the door, setting me on the bathroom counter. 

"Hey, hey. Shh, it's okay. They're gone, everything is okay. " He whispered. I shakily breathed in tears, tasting salt. My throat felt like it was closing up.

"Need...Liz.." I wheezed. Luke's expression became as panicked as mine as he realized that this time something was different.

"Mum!" He screamed. He looked back at me and screamed again. "MUM! Get in here!" She came rushing in and saw me looking like a mess, white knuckling the counter and bawling.

"Honey, get out of here," She said, pushing Luke's shoulder, He definitely did not want to leave and began to argue, making me panic even more.

"No, mum, I love her. I can't just leave her-"

"You're making things worse, Luke. Get out."


"Lucas Robert Hemmings, if you do not leave this very instant-" He leaves mid-sentence, his head hanging low. She pulled me to her and held me as I sobbed and coughed. She pressed my inhaler into my hand and I puffed on it until I could breathe and speak.

"Where's Luke? I need Luke." I gasped out. He entered the bathroom and I broke down again as he brought me to our bunk.

"Lie down and breathe, princess. In for three, out for three." I did and finally was able to feel comfortable. He rubbed my hand with his thumb and held me.

"I'm okay," I sighed. "I'm all good. I'm also hungry. Can you get my toast?" He nodded. Calum came in as Luke went to get it.

"I'm so sorry, Em-"

"It's okay, Calum. No more kissing though." I said.

"Give me a chance-"

"Cal," I sighed. He cut me off.

"Give me a chance. Just one. Please, Emmy." He said.

"I can't." I said.

"Why? One measly chance."

"B-because Calum. I just can't. I won't." I mumbled.

"Tell me why." He demanded.

"Because. Calum, if you don't stop I'm gonna have another one." He sighed as Luke handed me my toast and kissed my cheek.

"Here you go. Can you leave us alone, cal?" He nodded and exited as Luke hopped on the bed and cuddled me.

"He loves you."

"Mhmm." I said.

"Do you... Love him?" My eyes widened.

"No. I love you too much to the point there's no more love for anyone." He laughed and I told him I wanted to sleep, so I laid my head on his chest and fell asleep to his heart beating in sync with mine.

Mine beating for him, his beating for me. I hated the feeling I had in my stomach. Like it was twisted and I was going to vomit.

"Luke," I breathed, pressing one hand to his chest and another to my stomach. I propped myself up and hopped off the bed, sprinting to the bathroom. I made it just in time and he followed, holding my hair back. He rubbed my back and I got up, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand and reaching for my toothbrush.

"You okay?" He asked. I had toothpaste running down my face, so I just nodded.

"I think I'm getting sick," I mumbled, spitting into the sink. "Great. Two days before my birthday."

"You'll be fine. We should relax. We have the birthday extravaganza soon. You're gonna love your present," He said, kissing my cheek. I rinsed my mouth out and laid back down. Birthday extravaganza? I forgot about that. Lily and my birthday's are a day apart, hers is the 8th, mine the 9th. I slept, not knowing what would happen at the extravaganza.

I wish I would have, though.

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