Killers story

Lilac and harry have been partners in crime since they were forced into a secret agent business when they were five (along with 8 other people) people are trying to hunt then down and kill them... Follow this story that starts from the age of 15 up till now to determine who will live, who's a back stabbed and who will die!!!
What you gonna do ha kill me!!" He laughed
"Yeah" and I pulled the trigger as his brains was shot out the other side of his head


2. The Funeral

Harry's POV

I blacked out and woke up again to realise that I was in the back of a van and I guy was asking me questions about the CIA and the birth of the 10 of us.. I said nothing and he came closer to my ear and pulled out a gun and pointed it at my head.

"We're is the CIA data base located"?? He slowly said talking to me as If i were an out of control infant

"I don't know what your talking about" deciding to act innocent which was obviously a bad idea since he shot me in the shin it hissed and held onto my leg... The other 7 guys who were in the van snickers as 3 of them came over and pined me down..

"Now" the guy continued "I will ask you one more time" "where is the CIA data base located" this time I spat in his face,

He took a knife and forced it halfway through my shin and into my bone I screamed in agony.. I gotta tell you that hurt... I carried on saying I don't know what there talking about and finally the knife was pulled out of my leg the opposite side it went in and I closed my eyes not wanting to see the knife smothered in my blood.. There was a loud gun shot and I opens my eyes to ding the guy who shot me and shoved the knife through my shin was laying dead on top of me with his head blessing.. I looked up and noticed a bullet while through the vans roof and that's when thing got Maniac I saw a guy take a shotgun and fire it onto the rooftop countless time until his head was blown up along eight the other 8 people..

I felt the car pull over and looked to the doors to see lilac standing there teeth white with a million dollar smile, I laughed to ignoring the unthinkable pain in my left leg, we both enjoyed killing people... It's what we grew up with.. And it's not like we go around blowing up random stuff by the looks of it we were on a stranded road...

"Are you okay" her sweet pure voice rang out to me

I put on a brave face to impress her " I'm fine why" I said ..." Umm because your leg is more or less off your body and you made this face" she pulled a hilarious face which made me laugh but also made me cry at the pain it caused ... C'mon she said and lifted me out the van.. Where we going?? I asked puzzled "to my friend Liams house" she said I stopped and was about to scream at her until she turned around and said " it's alright he knows about the CIA thingy he's a cop"She said I nodded my head slowly still a little unsure. It was about a 2 minute walk but it took us 15 due to my leg once we got there lilac knocked on the door and revealed Liam...

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