Killers story

Lilac and harry have been partners in crime since they were forced into a secret agent business when they were five (along with 8 other people) people are trying to hunt then down and kill them... Follow this story that starts from the age of 15 up till now to determine who will live, who's a back stabbed and who will die!!!
What you gonna do ha kill me!!" He laughed
"Yeah" and I pulled the trigger as his brains was shot out the other side of his head


9. taken

Lilacs POV

Today is the day of got to go meet louis again, I told Harry but he might not be able to make it because the guards are everywhere now they're watching our every move almost as if they know what is happening, me and Harry get up it's only 6 AM normally the guards come and gets us to get up at eight, we are now currently where the warehouse is, we have to pass the warehouse without being noticed to get to the shop, that's where louis and this boy Niall is, I think I remember who he is I think he's the Irish boy, he used to hang out with us before I was taken away I don't know whether or not they still hanged out by the sound of it they did I guess,

"Were going to have to be very quiet here lilac" harry said as he liked around, he was right there had to be round about 30 guards here alone, which is a lot in comparison to the rest of the place, we sneak across we manage to make it to the shop were louis is...

"Is it here" asked harry

"Yeah I'm sure of it" pretty certain myself,

We opened the door carefully so as to not make any sound, I don't bother closing the door scared it will make the others hear,

"Louis" I whispered ..

"What do you think you're doing in here!!" One of the guards screams at us

"Oh shit" harry whispered looking at me worried,

He took us back to where we were staying otherwise known as Our Dungeon, louis was sat there head down and looking depressed he noticed us walk in And looked up,

"Lilac harry!" He says and comes hug me..

"Shut up" one of the guards screams....

We lower voices "what happened?"

"I was taking away , they found me in the end"

"Don't worry niall is still coming" he whispers the last bit lower than before

"Are you sure!" Harry also whispers

"Certain!" Louis says...

Harry's POV

It's almost me and lilacs birthday it comes in about four months time, we've had no dinner tonight because they are so upset about us trying to escape, we apparently just have to wait for niall to come and 'free us....' I was interrupted by my thoughts (this keeps on happening) thr guard the one that keeps on getting us every morning looks pretty pissed to me

"what have you done!!??"

"What do you mean?" Lilac said I'm so confused

"Which one of you sneaked out and killed him ?"

"What???" I said but noticed louis with a smirk on his face.. I followed his eyesight and saw him staring up at a young boy who was looking down at us, smirking

"You know exactly what I me---"

He was interrupted by the boy jumping down on him, the guy tripped and came towards me, I took the gun That was in his hand and pointed it at him..

"Don't move and don't speak !" I said with greeted teeth as Lilac looked very satisfied,

"Hi I'm niall" the boy said introducing himself to me and lilac,

"Oh hey louis"

"Ha hey"

They were interrupted by the guy laughing I pointed the gun further towards him until it was touching his head,

"I said don't move and don't speak!!"

"What you gonna do ha kill me!!" He laughed

"Yeah" and I pulled the trigger as his brains was shot out the other side of his head the rest look shocked but yet again happy, (badass harry >.< I had to...)

"Who did you kill?" Lilac asked just as curious as I was..

"I think I killed his brother." He says nodding slightly...

"Umm okay.. Well let's go then.." Lilac said not sure how to carry on with that statement..

"Good idea" Niall Said passing lilac and Louis a gun as I still had one in my hand, this was gonna be fun.. I sarcastically but truthfully said

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