Killers story

Lilac and harry have been partners in crime since they were forced into a secret agent business when they were five (along with 8 other people) people are trying to hunt then down and kill them... Follow this story that starts from the age of 15 up till now to determine who will live, who's a back stabbed and who will die!!!
What you gonna do ha kill me!!" He laughed
"Yeah" and I pulled the trigger as his brains was shot out the other side of his head


3. love?

Contains mature content, (swearing and sex)

Harry's POV

We've been hiding at Liam's for almost a year now, me and lilac are 16 now ... Liam's actually a really nice guy and I've gotten to like him and know him lilac and I are as close as ever I wanted to ask her out so many times I mean the way her eyes almost glow in the dark, the way her hair is always so glossy and either smells like coconut , strawberries or popcorn depending on what shampoo she decided to put in that day ...I was interrupted by my thoughts as a loud bang came from the door, I got up as Liam was at work and lilac was sleeping I quietly looked through the peep whole and saw my best mate Zayn!! I quickly opened the door and saw him standing there we both hugged and I invited him in... We sat there talking for hours until lilac came out from sleeping she looked gorgeous.. She had run mascara, a ramones shirt in and she was in sweats with her hair up in a messy bun and cute ugg slippers on... She was a bit shocked at Zayn sittin' there I stood up and so did Zayn

"Lilac this is Zayn" I said smiling "hey" lilac said and blushed?? Why do she blush why doesn't she blush at me..

"And umm Zayn this is umm lilac" "hey sexy" he said and she giggled... I suddenly got really jealous... "Harry have you showed Zayn around" she said"well ummmm no I didn't wanna wake you" I said unsure "that's okay I'll show him" she said grinning and I caught Zayn checking her bum out when she walked up the stairs... "Wow" Zayn said and looked. At me "you didn't tell me how fucking hot she is mate" he said and ran up after her.. I was speechless I just walked into the kitchen and made myself a cheese sandwich and poured myself a glass of Pepsi.. I sat down and watched telly I was watching a repeat of friends and when it was over I realised they had been up there for like 45 mins I curiously walked up the stairs and walked into lilacs room.....

Lilacs POV

Zayn was soooooo hot I was totally ready to give up my virginity to him no I wanted to and I wanted to now, I turned around and started kissing him forcefully he was a bit stepped back but started kissing me back , after a few minutes if making out I pulled on his shirt and I took his shirt off as he did to me...! He pushed me down on my bed and smirked at me . I'm i gonna be your first he whispered in my ear as he kissed down my neck, all I could do was moan.. He covered my mouth and told me to be quite... All of a sudden we are both naked and he is just about to take my virginity.. and it didn't hurt at all but that's probably because I have a high pain tolerance, as we were just about to cum harry barged in my door without knocking... OMG! I screamed and Zayn suddenly got off me and covered me and him up with a blanket...

"WHAT THE HELL!!" He screamed.. I had never heard him like this before .. It frightened me

"Calm down mate it's not like your going out with her" Zayn said back

I saw harry sad??? Why was he sad Oh My God!¡! Did he want to be with me!! Oh god it makes so much sense... I live him to I always have I should probably wait a little while otherwise he would probably call me a whore and leave me

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