Killers story

Lilac and harry have been partners in crime since they were forced into a secret agent business when they were five (along with 8 other people) people are trying to hunt then down and kill them... Follow this story that starts from the age of 15 up till now to determine who will live, who's a back stabbed and who will die!!!
What you gonna do ha kill me!!" He laughed
"Yeah" and I pulled the trigger as his brains was shot out the other side of his head


6. good show


"Surprise" that's was all that was running threw my head me and harry are now at our own home and we are sat down watching a re run of friends,!?

Let me full you in , long story short... The people flying the plane were people who worked for the 'mafia' and they said they would let us go, but first they had to put a tracking device into me and Harry's arm to know were we are, me and harry agreed because we knew there was no other option and we didn't want to have to lose and eye and then give in to the fact anyway, that was around 5 months ago now, they haven't been in contact or anything??!

I wasn't worried or anything, it's just creepy knowing people know were you are 24/7 me and harry are in a lovely house though I must say, and It was a beautiful day I was in one of the bathrooms taking a showers when I had just stepped out, it's so nice to know you can take a shower ok peace... That's until harry barged in,

Harry's POV

I was heading towards the bathroom coz I really need to pee, I walked in and saw lilac naked, I just stood there and smirked as she screamed and tried to find a towel, but I got to it first,

"Harry give me the towel" she screamed at me ha no way was I giving it to her,

"Only if you do something for me"

"WHAT!" She said still trying to hide herself with her hands.. Even though she's beautiful

"Kiss me" I whispered, and her head shot right up.

"Kiss me" I repeated again slowly moving forward

I was up close and my lips were almost touching hers before I yet again repeated

"Kiss me" and that's when are lips touched, I felt like a god when I kissed her I felt like I rules everything and everyone, she moved her hands to my neck and I grabbed her waist bringing her even closer,

Lilacs POV

I suddenly realised I was totally naked and I grabbed the towel from Harry and quickly wrapped it around my body, I saw his face drop and he gave me puppy dog eyes, I couldn't resist and I came closet towards him and started kissing him again, this time more hungrily, we both smiled into the kiss and both let go, I saw pure list in his eyes, they were a dark green almost black colour, and I knew exactly what he wanted, I quickly pulled his top off an let the towel drop from my body, he grabbed my waist and set me down onto the bed that was next to the bathroom, he took his jeans off and then his pants...

Yeah you can Guess what happens next......

**the morning after**

Harry's POV

That was the best night of my life, I'm not going to say I had sex with her because i didn't we made love, and she was by far the best I had ever had... She was cute, adorable , sexy and adventures all in one... Something that was rare, I turned over to look at her, we were both wrapped up in the be we had slept in, both of is to tired to go to our own and partly because we wanted to stay together, I was just in my tracking bottoms and she was in my jack wills jumper/top she slowly opened her eyes, and smiled up at me as I stared down at her perfect body, the sunlight shining through the glass window, I bent down and pecked her nose, she crinkled her nose and it was adorable, as we were both about to lean down to kiss a guy bursts through the door,

"Ha very good show harry and lilac master will love to hear this" he said as I his lilac

"Just go back to sleep" he said and walked out, I was so confused until I started to feel sleepy and I looked over and noticed one of the guys that put the tracking device in my arm had stuck a needle into my neck making me feel dizzy, as they did the same for lilac,

Present day**

Lilacs POV

I noticed harry sat there staring at me as the bomb was counting down the last precious seconds we had together, I closed my eyes feeling weak and tired I might as well die now I wouldn't of mind if they had shot me but the timer was agony,

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