Killers story

Lilac and harry have been partners in crime since they were forced into a secret agent business when they were five (along with 8 other people) people are trying to hunt then down and kill them... Follow this story that starts from the age of 15 up till now to determine who will live, who's a back stabbed and who will die!!!
What you gonna do ha kill me!!" He laughed
"Yeah" and I pulled the trigger as his brains was shot out the other side of his head


5. 17th surprise

lilacs POV

It was just coming up to mine and Harry's 17th birthday!, those few months went by quicker than expected, we have upped our training ALOT we had to work double the time we had to years ago, these people really must be dangerous I thought to myself, harry then came in and sat on my bed with me he got the covers and went under the bed with me, I was only wearing short shorts and a tank top.. And he was wearing just his sweatpants... I felt myself blush...

"Haha happy 17th birthday.."he greeted as he snuggled up closer to me... I felt comfortably uncomfortable.. If that makes any sense but I don't care, I liked it and he warned me up (it was snowing outside)

"Happy 17th birthday to you as well" I laughed and kissed the tip of his nose... That was then his turn to blush.. We looked into each others eyes and leant in to kiss, "GOOD MORNING!!" Mr. Clarkie burst in the door before we got a chance to connect our lips

"Guess what you can leave today you have an hour before the plane leaves to England!! Hurry up!!" He shouted and ran out me and harry jumped up with excitement and harry then walked out to get ready, I took out my suitcase and quickly packed all the clothes I brought when I was there.... And took a quick 10 minute shower and got changed into a pair of skinny jeans a baggy top a green beanie and a pair of navy toms along with silver earrings and an also green scarf then I grabbed my suitcase gloves and coat( as it was still snowing!!) I hate February , then met harry in the corridor I have to say he looked good himself he had a burgundy beanie in with black skinny jeans a blue button down top and a pair of brown laced boots along with his black coat, we ran over towards the plane and sat in we had 3 minutes to spare before we took off! Thank god, as the plane took off me and harry waved down towards me Clarkie, Zayn and the rest of the team who helped us, I relaxed and fell asleep, I woke up to a crashing noise an my eyes immediately shot open, I looked around and noticed harry wasn't there!!!?? I looked back around when all of a sudden a guy with a pierced lip who looked to be around 32 just looked at me and said


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