Cyberbully (one direction fanfiction)

She heard the pain but she felt it the most...... One direction get involved, seeing as Harry is Tia's sister....


1. 1- I'm pretty sure I'm safe

Tia's P O V

I opened up the laptop lid whilst logging in. Being away from my brother Harry styles was tough. Yes I am Harry styles sister and we also have a younger brother named Kyle. Hes a trouble maker he's only 12 whilst I'm 17 and Harry is 20. Harry comes back from tour tomorrow and we get to spend 9 months with the boys as they will be staying here. Anyway as I scrolled down my page I notice that I'm getting more notifications by the minute. Horrible ones. Very horrible ones. My twitter keeps building up and up and up...... Some reading: why does she get to be Harry styles sister!? The fucking bitch is a whore and doesn't deserve a brother like Harry.

Never had I had hate before! Never! I start to pace back and forth crying and feeling sick. Another notification beeping up and being myself I decide yo take a look, it read: yeah ur status is true, you do need a good spanking! The internet could do with someone like u!!!!!!

my status?!? My status only says follow for follow!!! What the actual fuck! I worry and worry until I feel dizzy enough to make me pass out I read my status whilst daring myself to comment on what ever had been put. I start to put my self down, tears brimming in my eyes, my status read: I'm a naughty and dirty girl someone should spank me or even get dirty with me for only 5 bucks.

I scream and throw my mums favourite vase across the room hearing the golden pieces shatter as they smash against the floor.

'Tia! Oh my god! Tia what's wrong?!' My mother rushes towards me and bending down to my level.

'Look! Look what someone posted on my profile!' I scream pointing towards the screen. My mother takes the laptop in her hands and stares at it with a blank expression.

'You gotta change this! I......I mean who else new ur password, u need to get rid if this!' My mother panicks.

' I don't know who else could get my password it's been the same for about 11 months. Its nothing anyone else could've guessed or anything!' I scream back my eyes sore puffy and red.

' right I'm taking this laptop tonight. Jut get to sleep ready for school tomorrow and then u can see the boys.' She says trying to cheer me up.

'Thanks mum but it's not cheering me up, picke up after school tomorrow right?oh and what time is Harry flying in?'

'Yes I'll pick u up and around half 6 in the evening' I nod whilst she kissed my head and leaves with my laptop in her hand.....

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