The Assassin

Malachai is supposed to be a normal teen. Well he's not normal; His father is a Navy Seal, He lives on a Navy base. Oh and he has Eagle Vision. *Key= Blue- Allies, Red- Enemies, Yellow- Targets and White- Ignore them.*


4. 4

Monica and I are still walking to Grandpa E's house, talking until I sensed someone watching us. I put my head down and pull Monica closer to me. She must get the plan because she lays her head on my shoulder and laughs. This may or may not work. A few minutes pass and were standing in Grandpa E's living room, Dane still hasn't moved from his spot.

"Excuse me, Monica. I have to dig a bullet out of my cousin's shoulder.". After I say that Dane bolts into a sitting position and then tries to bolt for the door. I watch Monica as she sticks her right foot out and deliberately trips him. As soon as Dane rolls over onto his back, Monica sits on his chest. Dan tries pushing her off with his good arm, but she ends up pinning it back to the ground with her boot.

"Your able to work on him, Mal.". I laugh, kneeling next to Dane, before I go and find the supplies I will need.

"You got beat by a girl, an assassin girl, I might add.".

Dane lifts his head up and says, more like screeches, "SHE'S AN ASSASSIN!!". Grandpa E walks back into the room, his hands covering his ears.

"What was that awful noise? It sounded like a dying cat!". Monica and I begin laughing, Dane's face turning redder and redder every five miliseconds.

"Uh, Grandpa E?".

"Yes, Mal.".

"You just called Dane a dying cat.".

"I what?".

"When you asked what that awful noise was, the last thing you said was it sounded like a dying cat, that was Dane, he was screaming.".

Grandpa E gives a light chuckle, but then his face turns serious when he sees Monica.

"Rayetayah, I wasn't expecting you until three weeks from now.".

"Mentor Ezio, my father sends his condolences about Martin. I guess Mark will be the new Master Assassin now?".

"Yes, but that doesn't tell me why your here, Rayetayah.".

"I screwed up in Mexico. Lost my whole damn team, Father had me extracted and sent back to his camp. I couldn't train for at least a week.".

Dane asks, still trying to get Monica off of him, "Your the one that I was supposed to meet, in Mexico?".

Dane, Monica and I begin arguing, until Grandpa E a very loud and shrill whistle.

"Rayetayah, get off of Kanuna. Malachai, tend to your cousin's wound.". Monica stands up, letting Dane sit up, his face red as a tomato. Kanua, is his real name, but everyone calls him Dane. I tend to Dane's shoulder, Monica setting on the couch, staring off into space.

Dane whispers,"Grandpa knows not to use my real name. Your lucky to have a normal name.". I pull the needle through for the last time more harder than nesscessary. Dane sucks in a breath, then I cut the thread, staring at the handiwork, after I had gotten the bullet out.

"Just because your real name means 'Bullfrog', doesn't mean that it's anymore weirder than mine.".

I hear Monica laughing, saying 'Dane's real name means Bullfrog?' every two seconds.

"Well what does yours mean? Flower child or something," he asks Monica, his usual mischievious look on his face.

"Rayetayah means 'Hanging Maw' in Cherokee, though my mother is Mohawk.".

Grandpa E says, "Yes, your parents are good people, why your father gave you a male Cherokee's name, I will never know. Mal, Dane, before you ask, no, she has no relation to any of our ancestors.".

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