Magical Wonders

I lived with my Grannie. She was my only family. I loved her.

Yet I never felt at home with her.

So when I pass out, landing in a strange place full of wonders, my life changes.

I am no longer Grannies disappointment.

But my Arrival awoke something Dark, and dangerous plotting to take over the world.

So now I have to go and save everything I love.

My name is Fern Hamper.


4. Questions and Answers

"Mine!" He growled out.

Then all of a sudden I was pulled to him. The boss smelled like Honey.

"Uh...Boss she looks like..."

I didn't hear the rest before I passed out again.


I had no dreams this time.

Instead I woke up in a super duper comfy bed. It had red and black bed covers.

Just like the whole room.

Anyways the bed was like a cloud. I snuggled deeper into the cloud bed.

"Your up." The heaven voice said.

"The Boss!" I sat up.

"What?" He looked confused.

"Annoying Orange said your the Boss." I told him.

"Whose is Annoying Orange? Oh you mean Fred." I shook my head yes.

"Where's Whiny Red? Oh and Blondie? I don't really like Annoying Orange. He's mean." I ranted on.

"Your weird." Boss told me.

"I'm Fern Hamper." I held my hand out to him.

He started to laugh.

People often did that around me. It made me feel kind of sad that he did it.

"What's your name?" I asked him.

Boss stopped laughing. "Oh I'm Eric. I am king of this place."

"That's a nice name." I told him.

He blushed. "Thanks...I guess."

"Aww you blush like whiny Red." I told him.

I wanted to pinch his cheeks so badly.

All of a sudden he growled.

"Are you a werewolf?" I asked him.


"Then what are you?"

"We are powerful creatures. I don't know what we are. All I know is we have powers. Special ones unique to us." He spoke.

"Okay. What's yours?" I spoke calmly yet I was inside I was jumping mentally everywhere.

"Mine is Manifesting." He told me.

"Huh?" I was confused.

He rolled his eyes. "I can get anything I want with my mind."

"That's so cool!" I jumped up and hugged him. He hugged back.

It was warm. I felt safe snuggling into his muscly arms.

"But I have one more question." I told him pulling back.


"What am I to you?" I asked.

"Our kind has a soulmate. You are mine." He told me.

"Awesome. This is all so awesome!"

That's when I jumped around the cloud bed.

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