Magical Wonders

I lived with my Grannie. She was my only family. I loved her.

Yet I never felt at home with her.

So when I pass out, landing in a strange place full of wonders, my life changes.

I am no longer Grannies disappointment.

But my Arrival awoke something Dark, and dangerous plotting to take over the world.

So now I have to go and save everything I love.

My name is Fern Hamper.


7. Nothing can explain this

I was kissing Eric for the first time. His lips were soft like melted butter.

It was heaven...

My first kiss with the guy I liked. Awesome!

Then something stirred in my chest. It felt painful.

So painful I pulled from the kiss.

All of a sudden I was pulled back from Eric to.............Whiny Red.


He had a look in his eyes. I didn't like it.

At all.

They stared at Eric in complete evilness. Wow! He was evil.

But something was happening to me at that moment.

My body shivered and twitched under Evil Red.

They both looked at me.

"...found her...." Pain shot through me as they spoke.

A scream escape my lips, and I was gone.

I traveled somewhere the pain getting worse. It wasn't stopping anytime soon.

Golden boy stood above me. "It's happened. You've been awakened."



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