Magical Wonders

I lived with my Grannie. She was my only family. I loved her.

Yet I never felt at home with her.

So when I pass out, landing in a strange place full of wonders, my life changes.

I am no longer Grannies disappointment.

But my Arrival awoke something Dark, and dangerous plotting to take over the world.

So now I have to go and save everything I love.

My name is Fern Hamper.


6. Kissing

"Okay you have special powers." Blondie spoke carefully.

"Better than mine. Yeah right." Annoying orange snorted.

We were currently having a nice discussion about me in Eric and my room.

He wouldn't let me sleep apart from him.

Okay maybe not so nice.

Eric growled. "Be nice before I kill you."

So I think I've learned a few things since my arrival.

1) Eric is possessive.

2) Eric is possessive.

3) Eric is possessive.

4) Eric is really hot.

5) Eric liked to cuddle.

6) Eric is possessive.

"Um...sorry boss." Annoying orange gulped.

I stood up from the bed. "Okay anyways I have a power. But-"

"We know that dummy." Annoying orange mumbled, but everyone heard him.

Especially Eric.

Eric's eyes darkened as he walked towards Annoying Orange.

He grabbed annoying orange by the throat, and tossed his body across the room.

Eric turned to me, and I gave him two big thumbs up with a huge grin.

He smiled back and stood next to me.

We interlocked hands.

"But as I was saying I don't know what my powers are." I continued.

"Well what do we do about that?" Blondie asked.

He looked in between us, unsure what to say.

"Well I think we should do some tests." Eric said.

I flinched at the mention of tests.

I hoped he wouldn't notice but he did.

Eric leaned in towards me. "Not those tests, My sweetpop." His warm breathe hit my ear.

I shivered and next thing I know the guys are gone.

Eric leaned in closer.

Our lips brushed against each other's.

He let his lips hover there for a moment.

Then he pressed his lips fully to mine.

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