Magical Wonders

I lived with my Grannie. She was my only family. I loved her.

Yet I never felt at home with her.

So when I pass out, landing in a strange place full of wonders, my life changes.

I am no longer Grannies disappointment.

But my Arrival awoke something Dark, and dangerous plotting to take over the world.

So now I have to go and save everything I love.

My name is Fern Hamper.


10. Gone

Golden boy stood above me.

I growled at him.

My arms were strapped down. So were my legs.

I wanted to kill anything, and everything in sight.

"Your not safe." Golden boy said.

I growled in response.

"Here." Golden boy poured a liquid down my throat.

It was the best thing ever.

I wanted more. MORE.

I tried to go to golden boy who had crossed the dark place.

"MORE." I growled out.

"No." He told me.

The chains were too strong for me to break out off.

"You will forever stay here. Eric does not know where you are. No one does. It will stay that way. Forever."

Then golden boy was gone.

More. More. More.

I wanted more.

I wanted to kill.

And I wanted more.

A pain made me fall into darkness.

And I was gone.


End of book 1.

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