Magical Wonders

I lived with my Grannie. She was my only family. I loved her.

Yet I never felt at home with her.

So when I pass out, landing in a strange place full of wonders, my life changes.

I am no longer Grannies disappointment.

But my Arrival awoke something Dark, and dangerous plotting to take over the world.

So now I have to go and save everything I love.

My name is Fern Hamper.


1. Meeting strange people

I watched him through the glass.

He was sad. Very sad.

I wanted to cheer him up, but he didn't even know I was here.

So I watched him walk around the room.

The whole room filled with sadness.

I just had to cheer him up.

So I jumped out from my hiding place.

His face was surprised at first.

Then his face morphed into anger. Lots of anger.

My brain screamed 'Run!'

So I ran from him.

"Come back!" I heard him yell. But I continued to run.

Faster, and Faster I go.

"Freedom!" I screamed out.

I ran and ran.

Then I tripped and fell into darkness.


I woke up surrounded by random guys in a field in nowhere.

So far I was on a hard ground while they stood around me.

They hadn't noticed I was awake.

"...can't keep her." One said. He was blonde.

So I mentally called him Blondie.

"Why?" Another one whined. He had Red hair.

He was Whiny Red.

"Because she will be hassle." The last one said. He had orange hair.

So can you guess what I called him? That's right.

Annoying Orange.

"Right." Blondie agreed.

"Fine!" Red pouted but agreed.

I cleared my throat. They all looked down at me.

"If you excuse me, I need to get home to my Grannie." I told them, getting up.

Pain shot through my leg, making me sit back down.

"But you can't go." Whiny Red said.

"Thanks Whiny Red but I have a Grannie waiting for." I told him and started to limp home.

Annoying orange started to laugh. "That's a great nickname for you."

"Shut it Annoying Orange." I said still limping home.

I heard a growl behind me. "Hey!"

Blondie suddenly came in front of me. "What's mine?"

"Your what?" I asked confused.

He rolled his eyes. "My nickname. Duh!"

"Oh. It's Blondie." I went around him and continued to limp.

"What?" I heard him yell behind me.

"You heard me!" I yelled back.

Then I continued to limp back home.

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