The after affects

We heard from David and Mathew the story about Natalie being in the first experiment but what if they were wrong?


2. Tomas

Several weeks later

"Grace Belle Hayden will you go on a date with me"? I give her a pleading smirk "ummm hell yes" she shoves me into a hug almost pushing me over "your really strong" I tell her she giggles. Her hair is up in a pony tail and she's wearing a blue blouse and jeans her blue eyes like little rain drops in a sun shower. She embraces me and I put my hand on her hips she pulls away slightly tugging on her shirt. "I'm so sorry" I stutter "it's ok" she says with a groan. "I forget too" I give her a worried smile and hug her. We decide to walk back to my house and watch a movie. We're half way through the movie when we hear someone knocking on the door and yelling "let us in". Grace goes to open the door "no don't let's go to the basement I'll tell you there" she gives me a nod and we run into the basement. "Listen Grace you remember that night when, you know the attack they wanted something" I explain "what" she yells at me. "Your divergent and they want you to stop helping the government with the only other divergent that's why those men were attacking you so you couldn't help the government on an experiment. "They were the test subjects with out you the experiment couldn't go on so they could keep their lives, I'm sorry"

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