The after affects

We heard from David and Mathew the story about Natalie being in the first experiment but what if they were wrong?


1. Grace

"Fuck" he grabs my hoodie pulling me backwards. Then someone else grabs my hair pulling me to the ground there's a massive pain in my hip. The massive pounding in my head is back. The grip on my hoodie releases and they let go of my hair. There's some groaning behind me and the sound of fists to face. I scream, my hip as he helps me up he lifts me and takes off in to the misty night.


The pain is groaning to be felt but I'm not gonna let it the lights are bright in my face. The throbbing in my forehead has gone. There's a boy sitting next to me about 20 his tall figure leaning over me with his hair all messy and his tired eyes. "Who are you"? I murmur "I'm Tomas" he replies. "Could we please ask you to wait out side Mr Eliot" the nurse tells Tomas. I look down at what the tickling sensation is I have tubes sticking out of me everywhere. I have a big bandage around my hip and forehead and the pain is unbelievable. The doors burst open and the nurse walks in Miss Hayden we have unfortunate news you have a few broken ribs a gunshot in your hip and a stab wound on your head. You will have to stay in hospital for a week or so to get better, now could you please have a rest and you'll be better in no time. Tomas is waiting for me when I wake up sitting in an old brown leather chair his handsome face stained with sleep. That's when I recognise him Tomas...........

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