Circle of the Moon

Celestiel Night is a 16 year old girl who moved from Sydney to Melbourne and is now attending Evangelion Grammar School. Life is not easy when you're the popular new girl with a simple bad-ass past. Supernatural forces are in play and she is pulled into a war spanning since the beginning of time as the leader of the Circle of the Moon. Lead by Diana the goddess of the Moon and the Council of Eight, Celestiel must lead her circle into battle against the armies of the Council of Shadows. Is it possible for Celestiel to lead a normal life while battling evil that threatens the world's very existence? and who is Hel and why does she cause her heart to race?---------

Okay so this is my first real novel, I am planning on sending a manuscript to a publisher eventually of the finished and edited versions but I will post the full story unedited on here for those who wish to read the whole unedited story.


3. The Hidden World

Chapter 3: The Hidden World

The sound of water moving at a constant speed and the smell of something herbal invaded my sensing forcing me to slowly wake up. I had no idea what had happened I just remember fainting at Blue Moon records.

Slowly I attempted to open my eyes, everything was blurred and I had a hard time trying to focus on what I was seeing exactly.

“Merlin she’s wakin’ up,” the same female voice from before spoke.

“Ah good, it means she has healed quickly,” an elderly voice replied.

“Is she alright?” another voice joined in on the conversation.

“Do not worry, she will be fine,” the elderly voice said in confidence.

Something wet and dark was placed over my eyes and I panicked shooting straight up rubbing the wet substance that had gotten into my eyes. I saw the outlines of six figures in the room; two were in the distance engaged in a conversation while the other four were closer to me.

“She took to the dragonblood well,” the elderly man chuckled.

Everything came into focus and I was staring at the faces of Louise, Zephyra, Dalila, Accalia, Aelwyd and a man who looked ancient. The difference in their look this time was that instead of wearing casual clothes they had armor which looked like something Wonder Woman would wear. Except theirs were black with silver lining and a symbol of the moon on the shoulder sleeves, black leather skirts and on their feet they had black boots. They were the splitting image of female warriors, like Xena the Warrior princess. I noticed that on their bare skin they had different symbols that almost appeared engraved on their skin while each of them carried a different weapon.

“You guys look like you’re geared up for war,” I said sitting up.

“That’s because we are, we had to save your ass,” Aelwyd sighed walking over from her chat with Dalila.

“Aelwyd show some manors,” Louise hit her on the back of the head.

“I don’t know why she’s so special anyway, and we had to bring Kira here because they both had fainted during the attack,” Aelwyd replied grotesquely.

“Because Diana said so, that’s why we brought them here instead of just stopping the attack and leaving after wiping there memories like we usually would,” Accalia said and Louise gave her a thankful look.

“Girls your bantering isn’t giving a good first impression,” the elderly man walked up to me.

“My apologies on their behalf, my name is Merlin warlock and advisor to the council of eight,” he said offering me a wrinkled hand.

“Uh thanks, but what is this place?” I asked taking his hand and getting his help off the bed.

“Will you please stand up straight, I must examine your wound it was quite a severe one if not for Louise getting you here in time,” Merlin said and I looked down noticing the scratch marks in my shirt and what appeared to be a bandage wrapped around my body.

He took a step back and muttered something and pointed a finger towards the wound on my side. I watched as the bandages unwound themselves and lift off. Underneath my skin had faint pink lines where large gashes used to be from whatever that wolf thing was.

“You’ve healed remarkably well,” Merlin said satisfied with the results.

“So is anyone going to tell me what this place is?” I asked once Merlin had finished his examination.

“In due time, but first your friends wish to speak to you,” Merlin turned and seemed to disappear leaving me with Louise, Dalila, Accalia, Zephyra and Aelwyd.

“I’m glad we got to you in time,” Zephyra walked over and gave me a hug.

“So is anyone going to tell me what on earth is going on?” I asked for the third time, looking at the five of them.

“I will,” Aelwyd spoke up.

“No you won’t, its better if Diana does that herself,” Louise chastised Aelwyd.

“Whatever, I’m going to meet with the others in the arena for practice,” Aelwyd stormed off somewhere I would never know.

“Sorry ‘bout her, Aelwyd gets a bit iffy when a new girl joins and takes up one of the remaining roles,” Louise sighed looking in the direction Aelwyd took off.

“Before you ask more questions, there are some people who may be able to explain it better than I can,” Louise spoke up before I asked again.

“And who are these people?” I asked.

“Follow me and you’ll find out,” Louise gestured for me to follow and I did.

“I wouldn’t exactly call them people though,” Dalila grinned at me.

Accalia, Zephyra and Dalila followed us. I looked around as we walked. The room we were in was a large infirmary with lines of beds. The building we were in was constructed of a dark solid stone and was lined with gold. The doors also seemed to be made out of the same dark stone only engraved on each door was a trident that was made out of sapphires.

Louise opened the door and walked through; I followed, as we entered a large courtyard. I turned my gaze up to find a view of the ocean above us; the water brushed off something and came around in a dome shape. In the center of the courtyard, there was a fountain with a statue of a man holding a trident.

“I feel like I’m in a Hollywood movie,” I exhaled looking at the vibrant courtyard.

“No, this is way cooler than a movie,” Zephyra giggled.

We rounded a corner and I stopped dead in my tracks. The place ahead of us was huge; it resembled an ancient Greek castle with pillars and arches. Statues were etched into the pillars to look like they were holding the rooftop up. At the top it had a series of symbols which looked foreign to me. It was made out of a golden coloured stone with similar gold embroidery.

“Are we going in here?” I said taking in deep breaths trying to calm myself down.

“Where else would we be going?” Louise raised an eyebrow jokingly.

We started forward and I had to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming or not, this place was out of a fairytale, something that just shouldn’t exist in real life; a real utopia right before my eyes.

“Ma’am,” a male voice spoke as we passed and I looked at the man who spoke.

He had long blonde hair, moss green eyes and long pointed ears. All of them had similar features when I took a closer look. Instead of wearing modern clothes they had leather pants and a light cotton top on. On their backs were a quiver of arrows and a bow.

“Greetings,” Louise said acknowledging his formal greeting before entering through the open black coloured door.

“Is that what I think it is?” I whispered to Zephyra as we entered.

“Yeap, a high elf,” Zephyra smiled giving her response.

In the distance the sound of metal meeting metal and grunts of battle echoed. At every door there seemed to be elves guarding the place. The sound of battle came closer as our steps echoed through the place. As we passed, the elven guards would stop what they were doing and bow respectfully and Louise would always nod her head in acknowledgment.

The sounds could be heard from an open door as we passed. I peered out to see two figures wielding swords of some kind fighting. From their shoulder blades grew a pair of beautiful white feathered wings which seemed to aid in their balance and grace as they traded blows.

“Are… are those angels?” I blinked unable to believe what I am seeing.

“Close, but no, angels don’t exist. Those are Nephilim they’re essentially fallen angels in retrospect, only they never originated from heaven. Their parents were Nephilim like they are, kind of like a humanoid race, take the elves for example,” Accalia explained.

“Done gawking yet?” Louise asked a little impatiently.

“Sorry,” Accalia muttered and we continued on our way down the great hall.

The final double doors we came to was guarded by ten Elves and ten Nephilim, these doors were different as they were lined in onyx and fine gold. The guards parted as we approach all bowing with their right fist over their hearts. Louise did the same bow before the doors opened.

Inside the room was fashionably decorated with various paintings that could have become lost in time itself. There were pedestals with ornamental vases, fire places lined in the most expensive jewels imaginable. And in the center of the room where eight people sat conversing was a round table with eight chairs that each held a symbol.

“Pardon my interruption gods and goddesses but Celestial Night has finally awoken,” Louise said her fist over her heart.

Accalia, Dalila and Zephyra had also taken up the same position as Louise bowing formally. A woman with long silvery hair stood and turned to us, her eye were the same luminescence of the moon and on her forehead was a symbol of the moon, it seemed to be slowly changing.

“Welcome Louise, Accalia, Dalila, Zephyra and Celestial,” she spoke and I immediately recognized her voice as the same one that had been plaguing my dreams.

“You’re the woman from my dreams,” I pointed at her and she gave a knowing smile.

“Quite correct child, my name is Diana the goddess of the moon. Come we are very much looking forward to talking to you,” the woman, Diana, beckoned me to come over and I did, my feet taking me there without a second thought.

“So this is your chosen one?” a man whose hair was sapphire blue and beside him stood a trident.

“Indeed she is Poseidon,” Diana replied and I peered at everyone sitting around the table.

“Come let us see her,” a man with a long white beard and a golden crown asked.

He waved his hand and I felt myself being pulled into the air violently and over the top of a crystal ball. I was turning in a circle, like an animal on display. My eyes settled on the youngest of the eight, she had light and dark on half of her body the left side was light with silver hair and an ember eye while the other half was purple hair with a blue eye. She gave a warm smile at me while the other six all examined my features.

”Are you sure that she is the one?” a man spoke up his hair gold and placed beside him was a lyre.

“Apollo, I know she is the one to lead my circle, do you doubt my judgment?” Diana challenged.

“I do not doubt sister, I merely wonder about your judgment,” he replied.

“Perhaps we should view her history?” a woman with dark hair and hazel eyes asked, on her head she wore a crown with a red gem and a scarab was engraved in the center of it.

“Merlin,” the man a gold crown said.

“As you wish,” the warlock replied and waved his hand.

Underneath me the crystal ball lit up, images started playing and I could vaguely identify it as something from my childhood. The eight sitting at the table viewed the crystal ball beneath me with forced smiles.

“It would seem that she is, indeed, very capable,” the woman spoke.

“Very well, we will call the circles,” the man with the gold crown said.

“Who are you people,” my voice asked shakily only just starting to work.

“Oh, our most sincere apologies, where are our manors, my name is Odin and I am chief of this council,” the man with the gold crown said.

“My name is Apollo, twin brother of Diana and god of the Sun,” the man who doubted Diana said.

“You may call me Poseidon, god of the seas,” his turquoise eyes glistened as he ran a hand through his sapphire blue hair stretching.

“I am known as Isis, mother of magic,” she gave a smile the red gem in her crown lit up causing the scarab to become blindingly visible.

“I am Zeus, god of the skies,” a man who had remained quiet up until now said, his light blue eyes and white hair and beard reminded me of fluffy clouds.

“The name is Athena, goddess of Wisdom and Battle strategy,” she had strawberry blonde hair; settled beside her was a spear and shield.

My eyes settled on the youngest looking of the gods and goddesses. She was different than the others. One iris was ember while the other was cyan; her ember side had snow white hair while her cyan side had dark purple hair. That went for her clothing as well; the robes she was wearing were half white and half purple.

“Hey, I’m Hel. The goddess of the underworld, well, part of it,” her smile was warm and inviting.

“Uh… hey,” I replied feeling an unusual nervousness in my stomach.

“A very good choice Diana,” Hel said looking at Diana.

“Your approval is welcomed Hel,” Diana nodded in acknowledgement.

“While we’re waiting for the circles how about I show her around Atlantis?” Hel offered politely.

“I’ve already seen some of the places, nice fountains. And the elves and Nephilim are also pretty awesome,” I spoke up politely.

“That would have been the Council grounds, not the actual city,” Hel’s smile never broke as she spoke with such kindness.

“I’m sure the other girls in my circle would be willing to show her around,”

“Nonsense Diana, they still have much training to do. I will guide her around Atlantis myself,”

“Fionn will be in his usual spot if you want to take her to meet him ahead of the others,” Poseidon spoke up.

“And Fionn would be?” I asked curiously.

“Poseidon’s circle, Fionn Klamata-Desmos is an Atlantean and he is the leader of the circle, the other members are all Atlantean’s as well,” Hel informed.

With that she turned and went about leaving, signaling for me to follow her. Her robes dragged along the ground as she led the way out of the room and through the halls. I found my eyes roaming her body, the way she carried herself was confident; she held an influential aura about her. Nephilim and Elves alike bowed lower than they did to us when she walked past.

“If you tread any slower you’ll miss the sites of the city,” she should without looking over her shoulder at me.

“I’m sorry Hel! Uh… I mean Goddess,” I replied nervously and picked up my pace so that I was next to her.

“It is quite alright Celestiel; I am the youngest of the eight. You may call me Hel,” her smile was warm and inviting.

“O-Okay sure,” Shy, why was I shy? Despite the fact she commands the underworld.

“Is there anything you would like to ask?” Hel enquired; she was now hovering just above the ground stopping her robes from getting dirty.

There was a long line of stone steps that led from the temple area to the city of Atlantis. What I saw astounded me. What I was looking at was complex in design. Waterfalls were laid out throughout the city each with a marble ring next to it. Bright sunlight highlighted the gold lined buildings. Architecture from different historical cultures was visible in almost every building, Ancient Greek, Roman, Chinese, Vietnamese, Aztec, etc. they resembled all the ancient temples I have read about in history class back at my old school.

A pair of individuals walked up to use, they were armed with spears but wore no shirts. Pants looked like they were maid of a soft cloth. Their hair was sapphire blue while their eyes were different shades of blue as well. Markings covered their bodies looking like runic symbols of some kind.

“Goddess would you like an escort through the city?” one of them asked.

“No thank you, I will be quite alright. I’m showing the new circle member around Atlantis,” Hel replied and they bowed with a fist over their heart before returning to their guard posts.

“What are they?” I asked looking over my shoulder as we descended the stairs.

“Atlantean’s, Poseidon’s people,” she replied hovering next to me.

“Um… okay?” I questioned a little uneasy.

“Would you like me to answer some questions?” she said reading my mind.

“Yeah, I was wondering. Where exactly are we? How is there light down here and how did Atlantis not get picked up on any of earths many satellite scanners and how was Atlantis created, I mean isn’t it supposed to be a myth?” I asked in a rush.

“I’ll explain as we walk through the city,” she chuckled as she hovered down the stairs while I walked with my human legs.

In the beginning all of the gods created earth as an experiment. Then from there mankind was created, in image of mankind Poseidon created Atlantis and then following his image he created the Atlantean’s. That’s when the gods divided in three groups, the council of shadows, the council of light and a neutral side. The council of shadows was comprised of the gods and goddesses who desired to remake earth in their own view. Those of us who liked the earth as it was became the council of light. And those who cared very little for the earth left to create their own worlds with their own life forms. Our council of light was led by Odin the king of the Norse gods and my grandfather. While the Council of shadows was led by Lucifer and his Archangels, following them were a lot of other gods and goddesses. A great war broke out between the two factions; immortals can only be killed by another immortal. Both sides took many losses leaving us with only eight left which is why we are now called the council of eight, while the council of shadows have a few more. Gaia who oversaw the battle persuaded the different races of magickal creatures on earth to choose sides. Demons and creatures alike flocked to the shadows while Elves, Nephilim, Fallen Angels and Fairies and Fae joined ours. There are neutral races such as Warlocks, Mages, Sorceresses, Shifters, Changelings and more that sided with those they needed to at the time. Merlin the greatest Warlock of them all sided with us and became our oracle, I’m sure you’ll also see Morgana Lee-Fay around somewhere as well.

With the numbers that we had, the war wasn’t in our favor; to protect us Poseidon persuaded our loyal allies to gather on Atlantis. Once they were all here he created a dome using eight stone guardians that were empowered by the eight of us as the borderline. As such Atlantis sunk into the depths of the black gorge hidden from the sight of mankind who were to be the deciding race. Human all throughout history have been influenced by a god or goddess, the more prayers that we get the more powerful we become which is why we cannot fight physically outside of Atlantis because of our mana levels. Gods and Goddesses in the council of shadows have been forgotten over time which is why they can fight; they are less powerful than us but more powerful than the average human. We devised the circles to share our power between six individuals who harness the powers of the 5 basic elements of fire, water, air, earth and spirit. Spirit is represented by two individuals one as the leader of the group and the other represents and connects with our spirit animal.

Because our magick is shared throughout the chosen six they all become partially immortal as well, never aging and continuing to learn until the war is over and we can release them from their oath to protect the world.

As for Atlantis itself, the creatures here live peacefully while the air is maintained by Zeus and the light is supplied by Apollo as he is one of the gods of the sun.

“Where is Atlantis actually located?” I asked interrupting her story.

Atlantis is located in the deepest trench we call the black gorge in what you call the Atlantic Ocean, it is beyond the Pillars of Hercules and the underwater entrance is guarded by two of Poseidon’s most faithful and destructive creatures; the Kraken and the Leviathan. Poseidon designed Atlantis to be big enough for the amount of creatures living on it as well as it being his main source of power seeing as all Atlantean’s know he’s real.

Her story was interrupted as Atlantean’s walked up, male, female and children alike all eager to touch the goddess and consequently me. I was flattered with the attention but it was overwhelming the amount of people who flocked around us.

Hel was polite and very affectionate when interacting with the people; at least I think they’re people. They resembled human families quite easily, except for the markings on their body and most of the males were shirtless. The female Atlantean’s either wore some old style of skirt and top or a silk dress. I’ll admit none of the male Atlantean’s are nowhere near fat, do they even have technology like we do?

The city itself was something to be marveled at, it makes the great castles of Europe look like a dolls house. The pillars supporting the houses were lined in gold; they were made out of some kind of stone which held up the roofs. The doors were made of an expensive looking gem stone, there were multiple colours creating rows of homes.

The animals or at least I think they’re animals. Were very different than the ones you see in zoos, the skies weren’t filled with birds they were filled with scaled creatures with wings. Looking similar to what dragons were described to be only without the breathing fire part. Flying and playing with them were these large birds that were covered in crimson red feathers, they seemed to mingle well.

“What are those up there?” I asked pointing to the two interacting creatures.

“Hmm? Oh those are winged serpents and the one with feathers are phoenixes,” Hel replied nonchalantly.

I noticed various holes throughout the city, they seemed oddly placed. In fact we were walking towards one of them. I looked around wondering why the Atlantean’s or any of the other species I have or haven’t seen yet go near it.

“In the tunnels beneath Atlantis, my bone serpent resides,” Hel spoke up as if reading my mind.

“What’s a bone serpent?” I enquired slightly concerned.

“Come, I’ll show you,” she took my hand in hers with a smile plastered on her face.

I felt a jolt of electricity run through my hand and into my body causing my insides to feel all numb and warm. She dragged me over to the large hole in the ground, she was still hovering which seemed unfair.

“It is safe?” now I was very concerned.

“Of course, he wouldn’t hurt anyone unless I told him to,” Hel purred holding her hand out over the hole.

She whispered something and then the ground started trembling. I stumbled around trying to grab my footing when a giant beast erupted from the hole. She wasn’t kidding when she said bone serpent. It was complete bone, no flesh or organs present. Its head was large and long with sharp incisors lined row upon row in its mouth. Lowering his head down Hel proceeded to rub the skull affectionately. It purred, actually purred like a cat would when getting attention. The only thing that wasn’t flesh was hidden in its mouth; the pale tongue flicked out and licked Hel’s hand. She giggled, not like a goddess but like an actual schoolgirl giggle. It was, adorable in a way.

“Cel this is my bone serpent, his name is Krisol,” she reached for my hand and I pulled it away hesitantly.

“I don’t think this is safe,” I said backing up.

“It’s perfectly fine Celestiel,” she cooed and reached for my hand grabbing it this time.

The bone serpent didn’t bite my hand off like I thought he would. Instead he did the same thing when Hel rubbed its skull, he purred. It wasn’t as bad as I originally thought, despite his large body he was surprisingly soft and gently. Then I felt his slimy tongue lick my hand and I recoiled out of reflex making a ‘eww’ noise and wiping my hand on my clothes.

A soft giggle came from Hel as she watched me interact with Krisol, her bone serpent. He was surprisingly friendly though I wouldn’t want to be on his bad side given his size and sharp canines.

“Shall we proceed to where Fionn is?” she asked and I nodded giving Krisol one more pet before stepping back.

“Be a good boy and go back to patrolling the catacombs,” Hel said and the gigantic serpent went back into the hole and I could feel him moving through the ground away from us.

“Catacombs?” I asked.

“The tunnel system underneath Atlantis, someone, or something needs to protect it,” Hel smiled.

“Now, onto Fionn’s usual place, follow me,” she gestured for me to follow her to wherever this Fionn’s usual place is.

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