Circle of the Moon

Celestiel Night is a 16 year old girl who moved from Sydney to Melbourne and is now attending Evangelion Grammar School. Life is not easy when you're the popular new girl with a simple bad-ass past. Supernatural forces are in play and she is pulled into a war spanning since the beginning of time as the leader of the Circle of the Moon. Lead by Diana the goddess of the Moon and the Council of Eight, Celestiel must lead her circle into battle against the armies of the Council of Shadows. Is it possible for Celestiel to lead a normal life while battling evil that threatens the world's very existence? and who is Hel and why does she cause her heart to race?---------

Okay so this is my first real novel, I am planning on sending a manuscript to a publisher eventually of the finished and edited versions but I will post the full story unedited on here for those who wish to read the whole unedited story.


2. An Audition to Remember

Chapter 2: An Audition to Remember

Wednesday night, Thursday night the same dream repeated. I woke up Friday morning after the dream and slipped out of bed doing my morning routine, my hair was matted and wild from constant tossing and turning while asleep. Today was my big day. I had my audition with Blue Moon records and then my date with Jason.

For once I was actually eager to get to school. I got dressed, went out and had breakfast, packed my bag and headed out saying ‘bye’ to Janice from the front door before closing it. I walked through Coles car park, guitar in hand and schoolbag on my back then crossed the road and walked along the path next to Mentone park.

“Hey Cel!” someone called from behind me.

I turned to see Louise running towards me, guitar and schoolbag in hand. I stopped and waited for her. She took a few moments to catch her breath then stood up straight.

“Morning Louise,” I smiled at her.

“Mornin’ thanks for waiting,” Louise said straightening her back and adjusting her dark hair.

“No probs,” I said looking at her outfit.

She wore blue skinny jeans and a grey top with a tiger on it that slouched off one of her shoulders. In her ears were a pair of onyx earrings and a pair of pentagram earrings.

“So how’s school been treatin’ ya?” Louise asked as we began to walk towards school.

“Schools been pretty good, although I’ve been having these weird dreams at night,” I said.

“What kind of dreams?” Louise enquired stopping to look before crossing the road.

“Well I keep having this dream about this goddess called Diana who is telling me to ‘join my sisters and embrace the moon’,” I quoted her words.

An Alien expression played across Louise’s face then in a matter of moments it was gone and she looked at me and gave a smile.

“That dream sounds crazy,” Louise giggled and I joined in.

“Yeah I must be reading too many books or watching too much Supernatural,” I said as we walked through the blue gates that led to the perfectly trimmed green oval.

I walked into roll call and sat next to Kira and Rachel saying ‘Hello’ to the both of them as I sat down. Miss Honey was giving a charismatic speech about team spirit and what it means to be a part of the Wolves.

“Ready for tonight?” Kira whispered.

“I was born ready,” I replied giving her a grin.

Business management with Miss D was interesting as it was the first time I had it. Wednesday we only had three classes and then two hours of sport and Thursday I just simply didn’t have it. This ten day time table idea was kind of confusing and only half made sense in my mind. Miss D was pretty laidback and my god she was gorgeous, especially for teacher standards. She had long brunette hair, hazel eyes and in my opinion was model worthy. Why she was teaching? Who knows but class was definitely interesting.

What was annoying was that I had class with Carter Grayson and his groupies. I could hear them whispering from my seat at the side of room 115, which was another glass classroom. Carter’s friends were all teasing him saying things like ‘Dude that’s the chick who flipped you on your ass’ and ‘Man she must have bruised your ego so much’.

A chair pulled out next to me and a guy sat down, he had short brown hair and was rather tall. His eyes were indigo and he was quite skinny. His tie was a little crooked with the back of his shirt hanging out under his navy blue blazer.

“Hey you’re the new girl, the one going out with Jason?” he asked as he sat down.

“So you’ve heard, yeah I’m Celestiel Night,” I replied.

“Cool, I’m Connor McKnight. I’m the captain of the first’s soccer team,” he introduced himself.

“Nice to meet you,” I said with a smile.

Miss D started the class and we were talking about the motivation behind starting a small business. She taught differently from other teachers as she had a power point with slides that explained everything, yet she only told us what we needed to know and which dot points to get down.

“Be careful with De’Larentis, he can be a little weird sometimes,” Connor said as the bell rang signaling the end of period 1.

“Thanks for the warning,” I said gathering my belongings and heading out the door and towards my next class which was biology with Miss Honey.

In my biology class I had Rachel and Summer. I hadn’t finished the worksheets she assigned last lesson mainly because I was confused with some of it. Miss Honey’s biology class was more of a circus than a class. She was by far the most amusing teacher out of all of the teachers I had, always cracking jokes at inappropriate times or going on about something completely irrelevant to the subject.

Miss Honey helped me with the questions I required help with and explained them in great depth giving examples for each question.

Third period I had music with Kira and Louise in which Kira and I practiced for the audition with Blue Moon records singing ‘Read all about it’. I noticed that Miss Nyx and Louise were engaged in a very long conversation throughout the entire period, every now and then their gazes set on me then back to their talking.

The bell finally went and Kira and I caught up with the other girls at lunch. We sat around the table that the girls had claimed.

“So tonight’s the big night,” Kim said.

“Yeah, the date with Jason,” Summer teased.

“And the audition with Blue Moon records,” Rachel added.

“With a voice like Cel’s we’re going to smash the auditions,” Kira said.

“I wish I was as confident in my abilities as you are Kira,” I laughed.

“Girl don’t doubt yourself, we got this,” Kira smiled.

“Hey Cel,” Louise and her group of friends walked over.

“Oh hey Louise, what’s up?” I asked.

“Nothin’ much, just checking to see if your comin’ over tomorrow?” Louise asked.

“Yeah sure, I’ll come over to your party thing,” I replied.

“Sounds great, it’s at 3pm till late. You cool with that?” she asked.

“Yeah sounds good, see you tomorrow then,” I said.

“Are you seriously going over to that freaks house?” Kira asked when Louise and her group where out of hearing distance, yet, I saw Accalia’s head twitch slightly.

“Kira, we talked about this. Cel should be allowed to judge them for herself,” Summer sighed.

“I seriously think it’s a bad idea though. She’ll end up getting sacrificed to Satan,” Kim said on Kira’s behalf.

“Did something happen between you and Louise or any of them for you to believe this?” I raised an eyebrow at Kim and Kira.

“Louise and Kira used to be best friends,” Rachel spoke up.

“It’s in the past. We used to be friends,” Kira dismissed.

“So what happened to make you, well… not be friends?” I asked.

“Louise was asked to be in a special group lead by Miss Nyx, when she accepted and Kira wasn’t asked to join. Well, Kira became furious and has since then had a dislike for Louise,” Rachel explained.

“So she was asked to join and you weren’t? Isn’t that kinda lame to be clinging on to?” I asked.

“Listen to me Cel. They’re trouble and they’re freaks, don’t trust them,” Kira stated.

“Whatever, I’m not going to be a part of your grudge against Louise,” I got up and walked in the direction Louise and her friends had been going in.

I didn’t get far as I ran into Connor again. Well, not exactly ran into him. More like a soccer ball shot past my head and I had to duck its return. Connor was standing on the oval with a group of friends. I glared at him and his smirk.

“Perhaps I should have said heads,” Connor said.

“No kidding, a little warning would have been nice,” I snapped.

I noticed he had a ring on his right hand had three serpents curled around a half purple and half blue gem. He wore his uniform in a less formal manor, shirt untucked completely and tie almost undone. His school shoes were covered in a bit of dirt from the oval.

“Well, you had good enough reaction time. I was aiming for you,” Connor joked and his friends laughed.

“Whatever McKnight,” I rolled my eyes at him.

He flicked the soccer ball up bouncing it on his knees before passing it up to his head. ‘Show off’ I rolled my eyes at him and walked off. That ring on his finger etched itself into my brain as if I was supposed to remember it from somewhere.

The bell went off before I was able to actually find Louise and her friends. Then Louise and Zephyra were absent from psychology which was strange as I had only just seen them not even fifteen minutes ago; which meant I spent the class wondering where they would just suddenly disappear to instead of working.

And then Dalila was absent from Lit fifth period. There disappearances were just way too strange. Where could the five of them just up and go? Or was this another part of their special privileges that comes with being in whatever they are in.

“Where’d Dalila go? I noticed that Louise and Zephyra were also absent from Psych,” I said to Kira.

“Dunno where they went. They have a habit of just disappearing during the day and returning later or not returning at all,” Kira replied.

Mr. Bolton was giving an in depth lecture about ‘Lord of the Flies’. His English accent made class amusing as he spoke with such formality. Jason was talking to Kira while I took down notes on the board; they were talking about tonight no doubt.

“What is Golding trying to portray with the characters Simon, Ralph, Jack and Piggy?” Mr. Bolton asked leaning against his front table, he was flicking through the book while waiting for someone to offer their answer.

“Simon’s character represents innocence and when he discovers that the so called ‘beast’ is the darkness within human beings he was murdered trying to tell others,” a girl I had seen but not talked to spoke up.

“Very good Matilda, How could this revelation be mirrored in human society?” Mr. Bolton enquired.

“That darkness still lies within every human. And that from that darkness sins were born,” I spoke up.

“That isn’t exactly what I think Golding was trying to convey,” he chastised me.

“Why couldn’t he be? I mean there were sightings of this creature they dubbed ‘The moth man’ before a major catastrophe occurred, why can’t Golding be referring to these events?” I shot back.

“I think you’ve got your head in the clouds a little bit too much,” Mr. Bolton sighed.

“Or in those witchcraft books of yours, read any twilight lately new girl?” Matilda, the girl from before snickered.

“Come say that to my face! I’ll rip your head from your shoulders,” I threatened feeling a need to defend myself.

“That’s enough! Celestiel you’ll stay behind and talk to me for a moment after class,” Mr. Bolton snapped at me.

I sat back in my seat arms crossed, a permanent scowl on my face as he continued teaching for the remainder of the hour giving his technological reasons behind Golding’s portrayals of the characters in the book and how he perceived them.

Finally the bell went and everyone started to leave. ‘I’ll wait for you by your locker’ Kira gave me an apologetic look and I nodded giving her a smile. Mr. Bolton packed his things stacking them on his apple MacBook.

“So are you going to chastise me more?” I asked bluntly.

“Look Celestiel, I know being in a new school it’s hard to get along with new people. But please refrain from threatening to, tear their head from their shoulders,” Mr. Bolton said.

“Also I am well aware of the times you are talking about. You just can’t go speaking of them like that while at school,” He said before dismissing me.

I walked out of the room and down the hallway to my locker where Kira and the other girls were waiting for me. I packed my books in my bag and slung it over my back before picking my guitar up.

“To my place,” I said and we started to walk running into Jason.

“Hey Cel,” Jason smiled warmly.

“Hey Jason,” I replied feeling my cheeks flush red.

“So I’ll meet you at Mentone Station?” he asked a little shyly.

“Yeah sure, sounds good,” I replied with the same shyness.

“See you later,” he said and then did something that made my heart crash against my ribcage.

He kissed me. On the cheek, but he kissed me still. I felt like I was going to pass out, my whole world was spinning. My breath hitched in and my knees felt like jelly beneath my weight. And then he was gone walking down the stairs and out of school.

“Awwww,” Kim, Summer, Rachel and Kira gave a collective smile.

“I think we should go before something else dramatic happens,” I said unsteadily.

“Good idea,” Rachel said and we walked down the stays giving Miss Honey a collective ‘Goodbye’ before descending down the stairs and out across the oval to Venice Street.

We walked past Mentone Park and crossed to walk through Coles car park in Brindisi Street. Then out into Florence Street and I got my key out of my pocket and opened the door walking it with the others following me.

Janice wasn’t home so I tossed my bag into my room. The girls were sitting around the table with books out. I joined them with what homework I had and we quickly worked through the questions. Then Kira and I moved onto out Lit homework of writing paragraphs about something to do with Lord of the Flies.

“It’s 4:00, we should get ready,” Kira said looking at the time.

“That means it’s time for us to leave,” Kim got up and shoved her books in her bag.

“Yeah we should probably get home,” Rachel agreed packing her things up with Summer.

“Good luck guys,” Summer gave the two of us a hug before she, Rachel and Kim left.

I went to my room and put on the clothes I had purchased the other day with Rachel and Summer, then I put on my knee high lace-up converse sneakers. Kira had changed from school uniform as well and was wearing blue jeans, a studded belt and a yellow top. She then put on some flats and grabbed her guitar.

The trip over to Mentone train station was just a little uncomfortable with everyone staring at us while we were walking to the train station. I felt a little nervous but when I saw Jason in his cute jeans and Miami Beach t-shirt I felt really nervous.

“Hey, you look beautiful,” Jason smiled as we approached.

“Thanks, you don’t look too bad yourself,” I replied a blush creeping up on my cheek.

“Okay can we get on the train before you two start eating each other’s faces?” Kira rolled her eyes at me.

“As if, we’re not even dating properly yet so why would I be making out with him, no offense,” I said as kindly as I could.

“None taken,” Jason grinned and we walked up the ramp to the train station.

I scanned my green piece of plastic and stepped onto the train platform with Kira and Jason doing the same after me. I placed my guitar case down and sat on a bench waiting for the train, Jason sat next to me while Kira preferred to stay standing up.

We waited in silence for five minutes listening to the sounds of cars passing, people talking and finally the loud ringing sounded as the boom gates lowered signaling a train was passing. The train stopped and we boarded taking up a set of four seats and sitting down while we travelled into the city.

“If we played something on the train would it be considered a public annoyance?” I asked Kira.

“Probably,” she replied kicking her feet up on the spare seat across from her.

“Don’t listen to her you can do it if you want,” Jason placed a hand on mine and smiled at me.

“Thanks, I’ll wait till Blue Moon records,” I replied taking a look out the window.

It took 45 minutes for us to reach Flinders Street station, the station was crowded with people and Kira and I had to maneuver our guitars in between the movement of people. Blue Moon records was located fifteen minutes down Elizabeth Street near Docklands in a tall blue stone building.

As we entered Kira and I looked around the place noticing how busy it was. A shadow moved in the corner of my eye and I turned to look but there was nothing in the direction I thought I saw something.

“Ah you must be Celestiel Night, here for your audition I presume?” a man came in wearing a business suit.

“Yes, I’m Celestiel Night and this is my partner Kira Ford,” I said introducing myself and then Kira.

“Pleasure to meet you, please come this way we are all looking forward to seeing you preform. Nigel one of our agents in Sydney has spoken very highly of you,” he gestured for us to follow him.

As we followed I got the feeling that we were being watched. Every corner there seemed to be something there watching us, it got even creepier as I saw figures seem to disappear into the shadows and then I blinked it was as if I was imagining the whole thing.

“In through here,” the man said opening a door and walking in.

The room was plain white along with two microphones, amplifiers. There was a door which led into the recording studio where a group of people sat playing with buttons and things alike which I don’t understand whatsoever.

I took my guitar out of its case and went about seeing whether I needed to tune it or not. Kira was doing the same and strumming a few chords. Jason on the other hand was standing in the recording studio along with the other people in suits and ties.

“Alright can we just get you two to tap on the microphones to see if they are working properly,” a voice asked.

Kira and I looked at each other before tapping on the microphones.

“Great thanks; we are now ready to start. You may begin whenever,” the voice said.

I looked at Kira who nodded and we both started to strum in tune, I began to sing. Kira’s voice came in the background of my singing and I smiled at her while singing. She smiled back and I closed my eyes concentrating on the music.

The sudden absence of light caused both Kira and I to stop playing. I opened my eyes and looked around. The room was pitch black.

“What’s going on?” Kira asked.

“We’re experiencing some technical difficulties and a power outage, just hold on,” the same man in the suit from before informed us.

“Well this is great,” I rolled my eyes and sat down, barely able to see.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement from the shadows. Turning my head, I noticed a figure- no, three figures emerging. I backed up, getting closer to Kira.

“Well, by the looks of things we finally have you,” a demonic voice boomed.

“Okay, if this is a joke, it seriously isn’t funny,” I said, pressed up against the wall.

“This is no joke. Your time has come, Celestial. Your time to die,” it spoke and behind it I saw more figures.

Whatever it was leading leapt forward and Kira and I screamed as we jumped to the sides avoiding whatever it was. They seemed to ignore Kira completely as I found a pair of red eyes staring right at me, there was also a pair of yellow eyes with cat slits and what seemed like a dull grey pair of eyes also staring at me.

“Fenrir hurry up I’m getting bored of playing with my food,” the red eyed figure said.

“Shut it Alucard, I’m going to enjoy this moment,” the yellow eyed figure snapped at the red eyed figure.

“If you two are done bantering, let’s do what Lucifer ordered us to do,” the third snapped at the other two.

“Alright Thanatos, but can’t we have some fun?” Fenrir growled, like a dog growling.

The yellow eyes came closer which indicated that whatever it was, was also coming closer. I was vaguely aware of its arms moving when I felt something hot on my body momentarily, I placed my hand on the spot which began to hurt and I felt liquid start to flow from a cut. Blood, I thought to myself.

A bright light entered the room which caused my eyes to close, but not before I got a view of my attackers. The figure with yellow eyes was a large kind of animal, it was humanoid in shape but covered in fur and instead of a humans head it had some kind of large hunting dog. The man with red eyes wore a blood red coat and formal pants, he had dark hair and he was wearing a cruel grin, teeth looked sharp like you would see in a shark; made for tearing and biting flesh. The third figure looked like a man, except his eyes were a dull grey, hair also grey despite looking young. He wore black robes and in his hands was a large scythe.

“That isn’t going to happen today Thanatos,” a female voice shouted and the three turned to see five figures all wearing hoods.

“And who would you be? You’re definitely not one of the previous circles we’ve faced on multiple occasions,” Alucard, the man with red eyes asked.

“We’re the circle of the moon,” the same female responded.

Somehow I recognized her voice from somewhere. I had heard it multiple times before but I couldn’t seem to put a face to it. All the figures were hooded, but produced a weapon each.

“Oh what are you going to do with those? Kill us?” Alucard laughed sadistically.

One of the figures did some kind of hand movement and from her hand she shot fire. Alucard had to turn his body as to avoid being hit by the flames.

“That was not nice,” Alucard brushed his coat.

“Protect the girl,” the leader ordered and the five hooded figures immediately fanned out.

“Attack!” Fenrir howled and from the shadows more wolf-like creatures attacked the five figures.

I watched pressing my hand on the wound delivered to me as things became blurry. I could hear the thundering of my heartbeat in my head as I slid down the white wall behind me fighting not to lose consciousness. Every sound became overwhelming that my ears began to hurt so much, I felt as If I was going to lose consciousness any second. Then I felt myself drop completely, head hitting the ground. Before everything faded into blackness I was aware of the creatures falling back and a hooded figure standing over me asking if I was alright. Then everything went dark.


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