Pinky promise ~A HArry Styles fanfic~

Carolyn just turned 17 and decides she wants to go to a club and have some fun. She then meets a guy named Harry styles and as time passes they realize they are soul mates. Comment, like, and/or fav if you want more.


1. the club

"I really don't think we should be here, carolyn!" Kaylin shouts over the loud music that's playing at the club. I reply with " it's okay. We have fake ID's were not going to get caught just have some fun it's my birthday!!" Kaylin just rolls her eyes and says " okay I guess I can do that." She then heads to the dance floor with a drink in her hand and starts dancing. I smile and laugh at what a terrible dancer she is. I go to the bar to order a drink. This boy with curly long hair then comes up to me and orders the same drink as me. He looks at me with a smirk on his face then tells the bartender he's paying for me. He then starts to talk, he says " hello there, I'm Harry, and you are?" I say " hey my name is carolyn, thanks for the drink." I give him a light smile. He then asks to dance, I'm quickly to say yes. After a few minutes of dancing he yells into my ear " let's get out of here" I reply with " okay, just let me tell my friend I'm leaving." I rush over to kaylin and tell her " here are my car keys, tell my mom sleeping over at your house, I'm going to go have se fun don't worry about me" she says okay with a laugh and takes the keys from my hands. Meet Harry at the door and we walk off to his car. We reach his flat door with our lips pressed against each other's as Harry tried to open the door.

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