Doing The Unthinkable

This is about a 18 year old girl named Ireland . Her Dad finds another women so her and her Mom move to London where she meets 8 guys that just might save her life from doing the unthinkable . Involves the amazing One direction , and 5SOS .


6. Can it Be

Can it be ? No I didn't see them . Snap out of it Ireland . Anyway once we arrived we had to got to the luggage lane . Once I saw my black and neon green bag I grabbed it and headed out of the airport , without even knowing where to go .

" Ireland "! My mom screamed . I was confused at first . I turned around to see what she was screaming about . When I saw a black limo nearly inches away from me .

Then everything went black . I heard car doors open and the sound of scurrying feet . A deep voice then said , " Lads do you think she'll be alright ? " " CALL 911 , " exclaimed a deep husky voice. Then I feel strong arms pick me up , and that's the last thing I remembered .

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