That Bites!

Life is good in Beacon Hills. The Gang haven't had a supernatural problem all summer and they are starting a the last year of their high school lives. But that happiness is short lived. When new girl, Artemis shows up, things start to get.... Bloody.


12. Finally


My eyes flutter open, feeling like butterflies. I sit up suddenly but stop and start to move slowly when my head starts to throb. I put my hand up to my head and swing my feet off of the bed that I'm on. I look around and don't recognize where I am. I get off the bed, making my self turn into my vampire self. I feel the veins in my face slither up to my eyes and the fangs grow. I cautiously walk outside of the room and listen out for any noises. I walk down the steps as I hear a noise in the kitchen. I walk jump into the room and the man turns screaming. In turn, I scream back at him. He looks at me. "Mr. Stilinski?" I ask. He looks at me with wide eyes. He stares at me closely.

"Artemis?" He asks, once he was sure it was me. I revert back to human form and nod. 

"Yup. Hi." I say, giving a weak wave. I hear footsteps as Stiles runs down the stairs. He slides into the kitchen with his bare feet. 

"Dad! Artemis! Hows it going?" He says, but Mr. Stilinksi pays no attention to him. He just keeps staring at me. 

"What are you?" He asks, suddenly. I look at Stiles.

"He doesn't know!?" I scream.

"No." He says, quietly. "I was hoping you'd be there when I told him." He says. I glare at him.

"Well, there's no time right now. I know where he is. I know where Josh is and I know where he took my sister." I say.



"Okay, but we still have to talk about something." He says. I shake my head at him.

"What could possibly be so important that you need to talk about it before e find my sister?!" I exclaim. I frowns.

"Artemis..." He says, pausing. I wave my hands at him.

"Uhh... Hello! You there. You mind finishing that sentence." I say, annoyed. I really want to leave right now. My sister could be in any kind of trouble right now. 

"You said you saw my mom." He says, whispering so quietly I can hardly hear him. "You said you spoke to her." I take a deep breath. I was hoping we could wait to talk about this.

"Wait, what did you say?" Mr. Stilinski asks. 

"Okay. Yes. I saw her. She just came to me. She told me where to find Josh. But ummm... She did say that she wanted you," I turn to Mr. Stilinski, "to move on. You've been pining away and she she doesn't want that. As much as she loves to see how much you loved her... She doesn't want you miserable." I turn to Stiles. "And you, she wants you to know that she loves you with all of her heart and it was amazing to watch you grow up into the fantastic young man that you are." I say. He smiles and takes my hand. I smile back, before I realize what I'm supposed to be doing. "Crap! My sister!" I exclaim. "She at the abandoned bank." I say to Stiles.

"Why do all the bad guys seem to flock there!" He asks. I roll my eyes, grab his hand and speed out of the Stilinski house, straight to Scott's. When I get there, every person in the pack is sitting n his couch, but I don't take the time to wonder why.

"We have to go. They're at the abandoned bank. Lets go." And and again, I'm speeding out, except this time I hear the footsteps of a bunch of people behind me. Finally I reach the bank and I can practically taste both the smells of my brother and sister. But they still aren't as strong as they would've been if they were still here. The others catch up.

"Are they here?" Scott asks. I shake my head.

"No." I say, solemnly. "Not anymore. They've left." I hear sighs from behind me.

"Scott... Isaac. Even Derek. Would any of you be able to sniff them out?" I ask. They all shake their heads.

"We would need something of theirs to catch a scent. Do you have something of your sister in you?" Derek says.

"No." I say.

"Then what do we do, now?" Lydia asks. I shrug.

"We regroup here after school tomorrow." I say, in a short, quick response. Stiles frowns.

"What if he gets her to do the spell tonight?" He asks. I shake my was quickly.

"She can't. She need to draw power from the full moon, which is tomorrow night. We can meet up after school and I bring something for you to smell. Then we'll do everything we can to save my sister. " I say.

"Okay sound like a plan." Scott says. We all start to walk back to our respective homes, though I couldn't stop thinking about my sister the whole way. Stiles walked into my house with me and I turn to face him.

"You don't have to stay, you know. I'll be fine alone." But he puts the idea away immediately.

"No way. Not going to happen. Who know what he's willing to do to you." He stopped talking, looking to the ceiling, seemingly to think about something. He visibly shuddered and look back down at me. "Yeah, no. I'm saying." He says. I smile, slightly. I wasn't use to people other than my sister caring for me, yet here us living proof that someone does. I reach over, entertaining our fingers and wrapped my other arm around his neck, pulling him down for a kiss. It was short and quick and I pulled away after a couple if seconds. He looks at me, surprised. "Why was that for?" He asks.

"For being amazing." I say. I step away from him and go upstairs. I change into a pair of sweats and a blue t-shirt, sitting on my bed. I let everything from the day sink in and I can't stop the tears from running down my face. I burry my head into my arms, sobbing quietly. Soon enough I feel a pressure on the bed and Stiles takes me in his arms, silently comforting me. For a while the only sounds were my sobs, bug finally I calm down a bit. Though that doesn't seem to stop the few stray tears from rolling down my cheeks. "I can't lose her." I whisper, so quietly even I had to strain to hear it. Stiles looks down at me.

"I can't lose her." I say louder, though still hushed. "She's been there for me my entire life. She my only family. I refuse to let her go." I say, my voice becoming stronger as I talk. But this small bit if confidence lasted only seconds. I broke down again in his arms.

I didn't sleep last night. The next morning it seems as if I'm a drone- just going through the motions. I stuff one of my sisters favorite shirts into my messenger bag. Stiles then drives us to school. I don't listen though. The teachers are talking but none if it registers. I can't focus on anything. 'Oh well. I'll just have to borrow Lydia's notes.' I think to myself.

Finally the final bell rings. I soar out of my seat and run to the front of the school, where everyone was already waiting, including Lydia. I turn to her.

"Your not coming." I say. She frowns.

"What do you mean I'm not coming?"

"I mean your not coming. It's way to dangerous for a human... Or Banshee." I say. She glowers at me.

"Allison is human." She points out. I roll my eyes.

"Allison, is a hunter who has been training for this her entire life, even if it she didn't know it at first. You aren't. Your staying." I say. He opens her mouth to argue but shuts it when she realizes that there are no valid one. She glares and stomps away. I look to the others and we wait for Derek's black Camaro to pull up. Finally it comes, though I'm about to burst. It's already started getting dark. Lydia had hopped into her blue Beetle about two hours ago and drove home. We had spent the time thing if planes for various different scenarios. When Derek finally makes it to us. I stomp over to him, glowering. "What the hell took you so long, you stupid wolf." I growl. He just scowls at me. Though that doesn't ever seem to change.

"Do you have something of hers?" He asks, quickly. I shoot him another glare and grab the shirt out I my bag. He snatches it and takes a whiff, passing it to Scott and then to Isaac. Isaac gives me the shirt and I look at them.

"Well... Come on. Lead the way." I say, but they don't move. "Are you deaf!?" I exclaim. They all look at each other before looking at me.

"They're here." Scott says. I frown.

"Excuse me?" I say. But no one speaks for minutes. By now it had gotten dark and I could see the moon high in the sky. Finally, Derek says something.

"The Hale vault."

"What?" I demand.

"My family has a vault under the school. Your brother must have found a way in." He says. He starts to walk toward the 'Beacon Hills High School' sign. He turns one of the letter and it start to move making an opening leading to a stair well. He looks at us before going in. I hesitantly go in after him, everyone else following, but what we see when we go in after him is terrifying in so many ways. I hear my sister finish off the spell, cuts and bruises covering her body. Bolts of electricity hit my brother, and he spasms. He hits the ground but finally it stops. He slowly stands up and looks at me smirking. I bends down to pick up a wooden stake. I'm guessing its white oak. He stabs himself in the heart with it and I have to look away. But his laugh makes my blood go cold. I look at him and he gives a scary smirk. The wound heals immediately. He turns to my sister. I run to save her but he's faster. He snaps her neck before I make it. I cry out dropping to the floor next to her. I cradle her in my arms and look at my brother.

"You bastard. I HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL!!" I scream, unable to control myself. But then the sobs come and I look up at him.

"Why?" I ask, quietly. He looks down at me.

"Because I can." He says. I cry more. He look to the others. "And none if you can stop me! I am IMMORTAL!"

All hope is lost.


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