That Bites!

Life is good in Beacon Hills. The Gang haven't had a supernatural problem all summer and they are starting a the last year of their high school lives. But that happiness is short lived. When new girl, Artemis shows up, things start to get.... Bloody.


11. Crazy


Everyone is looking at us. I cringe. I don't like being the center of attention. It makes me feel like people are expecting something from me. Lydia jumps up out of her seat and runs outside the rest of us following. But right before I reach the door, a thought hits me. What about the check?! These waiters and waitresses depend in this money, and since I know that I'll be just like them in a year, I think it's my duty to pay before running out of the restaurant. I run to the table and dig throwing my pockets for cash. I find a couple ten dollar bills and throw them onto the table, next to our half eaten food. I look up and realize that everyone is still looking, so I give a small smile, wink and run outside with the others. I see them following Lydia who is walking down the street like a zombie, and run up to them. They are all trying to snap her out of it. I tap on Allison's shoulder an she looks at me. "What's going on?" I ask. She shrugs.

"I know." Artemis speaks up. I look at her, as does everyone else. When she doesn't say anything else I decide to speak.

"Well... Do you mind telling us or is that too much trouble." I snap, instantly regretting it. She doesn't seem to notice though.

"Guys she's a Banshee. It's pretty obvious." She says. No one says anything and she sighs, rolling eyes. Why is she being so... Sassy? "She probably sensed someone dying and her 'Banshee' senses are leading her to where it's happening... Or happened." She says and walks off, following Lydia. We all look at each other and run after them.

Right when I think that I'm going to have to amputate my feet because they're so swollen, we stop in front if an old warehouse, but not because Lydia does. Artemis and Scott do. "I smell blood." She says. Scott nods.

"So do I." I sniff the air and I see Isaac do the same. The smell hits me hard. It's like a metallic smell but with something else mixed in.

Lydia walks into the ware house and we follow, the smell intensifying. The sight we take in is shocking. Derek and Peter are on the floor, body's bloody. Artemis looks at us. "Who's that?" She asks, signaling toward Peter.

"That's Derek's uncle. He turned me, killed Derek's sister, tried to kill us and then Derek slashed his the ought. But now he's sort of an ally." Scott says. She stares for a second before turning to them.

"Whys aren't they healing?" I ask.

"Because they were bitten by an Original." Artemis says.

"What's an Original?" I ask. She ignores me and bites her wrist, feeding it to Derek and Peter.

"What is she doing?" Isaac asks.

"Healing them." I say. After a second, Derek an Peter get up completely healed.

"What happened?" Peter asks.

"We were hoping that you could tell us." Scott says.

"Well, some guy and his 12 person 'army' can in and attacked us. Next thing I know, I'm in the floor and I'm losing blood. Why didn't we heal." Derek asks. Artemis steps up.

"I healed you. I fed you my blood." She says. Derek loos at her.

"Who the hell are you?" He asks.

"Artemis. I'm a vampire. I healed you with my blood. And you weren't healing because the wound came from an Original." She says. Derek and Peter seemed to accept it because they didn't say anything.

"What is an Original?" Isaac asks. She sighs.

"Right that's something I sort of left out when I told you I was a vampire. I'm an Original vampire. The first vampires. There are about ten of us. I have 7 siblings, six of which are Originals, with the accretion of my sister. My father is also an Original. He is also out to kill all of us. We originals have more powers than normal vampires. We can't be killed by a regular wooden stake. It has to be a stake com a retain tree, but none exist. So I'm basically immortal. I also can be killed by a certain dagger, but only if the dagger remains in my body. Derek and Peter must have been attacked Josh." She explains. We all look at her, surprised. I don't think any of us were expecting that. I open my mouth to ask a question but she beats me to it. "Yes, your a regular vampire, Stiles." She says. I nod.

"Wait, Stiles is a vampire?" Peter asks. He and Derek have the same look of astonishment. I nod.

"Fangs and all. But that's sort of not what's important. Did Josh say anything to you guys? Anything?" I say.

"Nothing really. He came in asking us where the witch was but when he realized we didn't know anything he attacked us and stuck his hand into our stomachs." Derek says.

"Nothing else? Nothing to indicate where he would be going?" Artemis says.

"No." Derek says, roughly. I roll my eyes. Peter steps up and everyone turns to him simultaneously. Wow.

"No, wait a minute. Right before I passed out, I heard his phone go off and I pretty sure that he said the witch was back in town. Then he was gone and I blacked out." He says. Artemis jumps up.

"My sisters here!?" And then she was gone. Literally. One second she's there and the next she gone.

"What the-" Lydia says. When I see that no one is moving I decide to take action.

"Guys, come on!" I say and I speed away. I hear everyone else start to run as well, but I outrun them by far. I reach her house only fast enough to see Josh snap Artemis's neck and run off with Anna.

"Artemis!" I exclaim, running to her and dropping to the ground. I'm not sure if you can kill a vampire by snapping their neck. That question is answered when she flys off the ground, gasping for air. I jump up, off the ground. It's just in time for everyone, with the exception of Peter, to pile into the house. He must've left. Bastard.

"What happened?" Derek asks.

"Josh was here. But he snapped Artemis's neck and left with Anna." I say, disappointed. This is why you don't just leave without a plan.

"Do you know where he might've gone?" I ask Artemis. She turns her he'd so quickly I'm pretty sure I hear a snap.

"Evil fox." She says. What. She slowly walks up to me. "Your the evil fox." She says. She pokes me and recoils.

"Why? Why? No one can hear you. Why can't people hear you?" She says, frantically. She was looking into space. She wasn't really talking to anyone. "You can't be seen. Can't be heard." She looks at us, head slowly tilting as she walks up to Lydia.

"What's wrong with her?" Lydia whispers to me. I shrug. Artemis begins to circle Lydia.

"You have all the answers. All of them. Do you see them. Do you see them?!!" She yells. I walk up to her.

"Does she see what?" I ask. She looks at me.

"The Spirits!" She screams. "They're everywhere! They want to speak to the Alpha... The True Alpha. But he can't see them." She says. "NO ONE CAN SEE THEM!!!!!!" I jump back at the intensity in her voice.

"What are the Spirits?" Isaac asks her. He has this terrified look on her face. She looks him.

"Beta. Your the beta." She says. She looks to her side. "You know the Beta. You want to talk to the beta?" She asks no one. "You want to HURT THE BETA!!" She exclaims. She shakes her head, frantically. She pushes at nothing. I look at the others. They look as helpless as me.

"I know you!" Artemis exclaims. I look at her. "No. I don't. He does." She says, pouting at me. Umm... What? "Are you... You are? Mrs. Stilinski." She says. Suddenly it feels as if the world is closing in on my heart.

"What- what did you say?" I ask. She ignores me. She seems to be listening to something intently.

"No. He can't see you. He's blind. Everyone's blind to the spirits. You know?" She says. She give a huge smile. "Thank you."

And then she drops to the ground.


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