That Bites!

Life is good in Beacon Hills. The Gang haven't had a supernatural problem all summer and they are starting a the last year of their high school lives. But that happiness is short lived. When new girl, Artemis shows up, things start to get.... Bloody.


8. Control


Anna has just finished making me a daylight ring. I slip it on my finger and look at Artemis. "Is that it? Am I done?" I ask. She looks at me and nods.

"For now. I'm going to teach you how to control your abilities like super speed and compelling people. I'm also going to teach you what is harmful to vampire like wood and vervain."

"Vervain?" I ask, interrupting her.

"It's poisonous to vampires. It's sort of like wolfsbane but for vampires." She says. Oh, that sucks. "It sears our skin and if a human has been drinking vervain water or have vervain on their person, we can't compel them."

"Oh, ok." I say. That's all I really had to say.

"I'm also going to teach you something that will probably be the most important thing you could ever learn as a vampire. How to control the bloodlust. I had a friend, Stephan Salvatore, he wasn't able to drink blood because if he did he would go on a Ripper binge."

"What's a Ripper?" I ask.

"A ripper is a vampire that feeds so heavily that he or he rips the body apart. I'm going to train you so that, that doesn't happen." I nod.

"Okay. Sounds like a lot."

"It's worth it. If you learn to control yourself, you can try to live a semi normal life." She says. I nod. I hear footsteps and look up. Anna is coming down the steps. She grabs we bag and starts to walk out of the door but suddenly Artemis is in front if her. "Where are you going?" She asks.

"To get some herbs from a town a little far from here." She says. She's going out now. When Josh is still out there?

"You can't. Josh can get to you I your out there." I say.

"He's right. You can't go out there. Not now." Artemis says.

"Don't worry. I have Aiden and Scarlet out there waiting for me. They'll be able to protect me until I get back." She walks around Artemis and steps out of the door.

"Great. I'm all alone in a creepy house and my insane brother is out there just waiting to kill me. Just great." Artemis says, not even acknowledging me. I step up.

"Uh, Artemis?" I ask. She turn and looks at me.

"Yeah?" She sounds almost worn out.

"I was just thinking, maybe I could stay with you. Until your sister gets back. Or until we beat you brother, which ever comes first." I say. She looks at me for a while and starting to think that it was a bad idea to ask. Maybe it was too creepy.

"You know what Stiles. Yeah. I think that could work." She says, giving me a grin. I smile back. She walks into the kitchen and looks at me. "You hungry?" I nod.

"Starving." She opens her fridge and I see that it is split into two parts. The top two shelves are stocked with regular food. The bottom two are stocked with blood bags. She takes out two bags and throws one to me, closing the fridge. She pulls the top off with her teeth and I do the same. She immediately takes a drink but I just look at it. It's just so weird. She chuckles and I look at her.

"It's weird, right." She asks.

"Completely. I never thought I would be in this situation." I say. She laughs.

"Nor did I, 750 years ago." She says and the thought that I might live that long hits me.

"Wow. I might live that long. That's incredible." I say. I finally take a during from the bag.

"Yeah. I know." She says. She finished her blood before me and heads up to her room. "You can sleep in my room if you want. Sleeping on the couch is like sleeping on a rock." My heart jumps into my throat when she says that. She wants me to sleep in the same bed as her. At the same time. I take a breath and calm down. I finish my drink.


Stiles finally comes upstairs. I've e already changed into a pair of shorts and an oversized T-shirt. I sped to his house before and grabbed him some clothes so that he didn't have to wear the same thing over and over again. He must have seen the clothes because he goes straight to them, says a quick thanks and goes to the bathroom to change. I'm texting Lydia when he comes out of the bathroom. She keeps saying that now that Stiles is staying over at my place we are most definitely going to date but u think she's being delusional. I look up and immediately looks back at my phone. Stiles isn't wearing a shirt. Let me repeat.


I think I'm gonna scream. I immediately put my phone on my nightstand as he climbs into the bed next to me. My heart would be beating at a 1000 beats per minute if it could. I turn out the lights and lay down.

"Goodnight, Artemis." He says.

"Goodnight. Stiles."

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