Percy Jackson's older sister

I know I've already done something like this but just read it I'll explain in an authors note. This takes place in the lightning thief.

Michelle Jackson is an orphaned 14 year old with dixlexia and ADHD. She has no idea about her family, or life before she had been an orphan. Then,her life changes. Read to find out��


1. Every day,orphan style!


Hello guys!

I have a contest. I need a name for the orphanage. So enter the name you thought of and put in the comment section below.👇for a bonus, the winner will be Michelle's camp half blood friend. Please enter along with your orphanage name your:





Girl or boy

Cabin( Zeus, Poisiden, Hades, Athena,etc.)

I want Michelle to have a boyfriend so please do the same thing only with a boy. If you dare make it a girl I will mention you in the next chapter(only in the bad way!!)

The contest will end August 1st so you have a deadline!!!

And that is all you need to know about my contest!

Before you read as I said in the blurb I did make another movella similar to this one but I wanted to do this too. It will have a bit of a twist in one of the chapters in the future where both characters meet, but I'm not going to ruin the suprise! So, let this fan fic…


Michelle lay on her "bed",(it was more like a mattress ) staring at the ceiling in the orphanage. Now, this orphanage was the nice type of orphanages all children in horrible ones dream of. The only problem was, they were very poor. The nice adults that worked there wished they had more money and asked for donations, but it was still a hard life for the orphans. People think that orphans are beneath them. Especially all those snooty rich people who come in now and then to deposit a "beastly little child" they found in their front yard. Preston, a child that was diagnosed with lung cancer, came in to call Michelle to dinner. Preston had a crush on Michelle, but she wasn't interested. No matter how many times the poor boy asked her out, Michelle rejected. Well she was slightly interested, with his curly brown hair and brown eyes, he looked slightly attractive. The only thing that kept Michelle away, was cancer. She wasn't the type that was scared she would "catch it from him", but if she started dating him and he died,her heart would be torn to pieces. The two of them carefully descended the stairs. The stair were very old and the orphans were told to be careful, because the stairs were due to collapse any day now. The smell of roasted beef and broccoli drifted over to Michelle, making her mouth water. They sat down with the rest of the orphans and began to dig in. Afterward, they all gathered in the living room to be introduced to the newcomers. Each day, at least 5 new orphans arrived at the orphanage. So we made it a tradition to have each new orphan introduced after dinner. "So let's get started" our leader began.

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