Percy Jackson's older sister

I know I've already done something like this but just read it I'll explain in an authors note. This takes place in the lightning thief.

Michelle Jackson is an orphaned 14 year old with dixlexia and ADHD. She has no idea about her family, or life before she had been an orphan. Then,her life changes. Read to find out��


5. Camp Half Blood

Hey guys!

I decided that I will choose both Annabeth Shadownight and Tori B-S the Slurg's characters. Congrats!So I mixed their orphanage names together to get:Opal's Orphanage for the ones without! Tori B-S the Slurg had a boy, so that going to be Michelle's future boyfriend and Annabeth Shadownight had a girl so her character is Michelle's friend. The two characters will be appearing soon in the story so keep a look out for that!

Happy Canada Day to those who live in Canada!


"I'm here with orders from Chiron-" Annabeth began. "Wait, Chiron?!" Zoë blurted. "Isn't he a centaur from the Greek Myths?" "Yes" Annabeth said patiently. "Now get on the pegasus before more monsters find us!" Michelle climbed on the Pegasus and helped a short and amazed Zoë on the horse. Once everyone was safely on the pegasus, it took off into the sky and they sailed over the city. Michelle suddenly remembered the name of her "former" orphanage. Opal's Orphanage for the ones without. With a pang of guilt, she remembered Preston. She wondered if he would survive cancer. They soon landed inside stables with other pegasi. They clambered off and left the stables. Thousands of kids were there! There were kids playing volleyball, kids practicing sword fighting. Kids doing archery, and kids hanging out and talking. "Wow" Michelle said, gazing in awe. " Welcome to Camp Half Blood." Annabeth said. "Let's go meet Chiron." They walked towards an odd looking group containing a pudgy man with a purple leopard suit and diet Pepsi, a centaur(as Annabeth refered to as Chiron), a sytr( Annabeth called it that. His bottom half was goat and his top half was normal), and a boy with brown hair and sea green eyes. "That's supposed to be Percy Jackson." Annabeth said. "He's Mr D. Short for Dionysus. He is the camp director. As a punishment, he got in trouble with Zeus,his father. " Hey I have the same last name! We could be siblings! Michelle exclaimed."Hello Annabeth" Chiron greeted."I see you have miss Michelle Jackson and Zoë Vanburen." Zoë cringed at the sound of her full name. Chiron pretended not to notice. " this is Mr D ,Percy and Grover." "Wait" Percy spoke up. "My last name is Jackson too." " that's what I said!" Michelle exclaimed. "Oh" Chiron said. "I forgot to mention that Michelle and Percy are siblings."

Sorry for the short chapter. I did write more but it got deleted and I got frustrated. I just get frustrated easily.

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