The girl in vans

Skyland's (Sky for short) second time getting diagnosed with Leukemia. Yeah... Well her childhood best friend comes back to time and finds out Skyland has a type of cancer called Leukemia. Lets just say things happen between those two. But it doesn't end all soft and sweet. (Zayn Malik fan fic)


2. Chapter Two

I sighed not wanting to get up. It was back to what it was. Taking a bunch of pills and having surgery all the time. I rubbed my eyes and stood up. I ran my hand through my REAL hair. Lucky I haven't started taking the pills that make me lose my hair. 


I walked down stairs and into the kitchen. I sat down at the table as my mom sat down a plate with two pancakes and a glass off OJ'. I smiled at her and said "Thank you,"


"Welcome my sweetie. And today we have a guest coming over," My mom said with a smile. I groaned loudly then shoved a piece of pancake in my mouth. When my mom says 'Guest' it means its Grandma and Grandpa, My uncle who always smells like smoke, or some person my mom wants me to talk to.


"Mom I really don-" I started but she cut me off. 


"Zayn!" She yelled happily and I spit the OJ' in my mouth back in the glass. My mom gave me 'the look' and I sighed happily.


"When is he gonna be here?" I asked shoving another piece of pancake in my mouth.


"He said around one PM," My mom said and I looked at the clock. The clock read '10:23'. I shoved another piece in my mouth before standing up. I pushed in my chair before I ran upstairs and into my room.


I grabbed my phone and my speaker. I then walked into the bathroom and sat my speaker on the outside of the sink. I plugged in my iphone and played Happily by One Direction. I then walked out and grabbed a towel and walked back in the bathroom.


I turned on the water then quickly got out my clothes. I did what a normal person does in the shower. You know wash hair, body, and shave. I then got out and dried my self. I wrapped the towel around my body and grabbed my hair dryer.

I plugged it in and grabbed my brush. I brushed my hair quickly then sat the brush down. I turned the hair dryer on high and dried my hair.


After I was done I turned it off and unplugged it. I brushed my hair again and grabbed my makeup bag. I put on concealer first. Then foundation second. I added a pink blush to my cheeks.


Also some pink eye shadow. With a thick coat of mascara and black eyeliner. I added pink lipstick also. I smiled and grabbed my speaker and phone. I walked out back to my room. I sat down my phone and put up my speaker before walking into my closet. I grabbed a blue skirt. It was almost baby blue but a bit darker. I also added a white crop top that says "Summer nights".

I looked in my mirror and smiled at how good it looked. I grabbed my white vans and pulled them on. I sprayed on some perfume I got from rue 21. I then walked back to the bathroom and brushed my teeth.


I smiled and ran my hand through my hair again. I then grabbed my phone off my night stand and walked down back to my mom in the kitchen. I looked at my phone and it read '12:48'


"A little dressed up?" My mom asked with a giggle at the end. I rolled my eyes playfully before sitting on the counter.


"It's Zayn I haven't seen him for three years! Because every time he comes back he's always with his family on a trip," I said and my mom nodded knowing its the truth.


"Well this time he demanded to spend half or most of his time with you," My mom said before handing me a bottle of water from the fridge. I gave her a smile before opening it and taking a sip.


"Good because I missed him crazily!" I said more of yelled happily.


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