The girl in vans

Skyland's (Sky for short) second time getting diagnosed with Leukemia. Yeah... Well her childhood best friend comes back to time and finds out Skyland has a type of cancer called Leukemia. Lets just say things happen between those two. But it doesn't end all soft and sweet. (Zayn Malik fan fic)


7. Chapter seven

Zayn laughed as I help on for dear life. "Its just a few bumps," He said and I rolled my life.


"I tend to stay home," I said and grabbed the seat belt tightly. Zayn laughed again as the car came to a stop.


"How many?" The guy in a little booth asked us. "Two adults," Zayn said and the guy nodded. "2.55 pounds," The booth guy said with a shy smile to me. I smiled back at him and zayn shot him a quick glare. Zayn handed him the money and the guy gave us the tickets.


"Thanks," I said to Zayn and booth boy. "Welcome," Zayn said driving off. Zayn parked closed to the front and I smiled. Zayn handed me some money.


"Go buy us some snacks please," Zayn said and I nodded smiling at him. I skipped off to the snack bar. Me being me I hit someone. 


"Gosh! Watch where your going!" He yelled. I looked at a guy who had pop all over him. 


"Sorry I didn-" I started but he cut me off. 


"Maybe if you acted your age and looked you would see me," He snapped and I grabbed his drink. Luckily for me a little bit less than half was left. I smiled at him.


"Truly my bad," I said and splashed the rest of the pop in his face. "Oops!" I said happily and skipped off again. When I got to the snack bar I ordered


A large popcorn, gummy worms, gummy bears, two large colas, and two carmel apples. I payed and walked back to Zayns car. He had it turned around so we could watch from the trunk. He also had some lights around the end and a blanket laid out.


I smiled at him. "Your too sweet!" I said sitting down everything besides the candy apples.


"I almost forgot," He said and pulled out some pillows. I smiled as I sat at one. Zayn sat on one as well. We laughed before taking a bite of are apples. 


"Perf," Zayn and I said at once. I giggled and took another bite.



Authors note

75 reads for next chapter?

Hey guys. Thanks for reading. Please comment down below. I just wanted to say thanks I love you all and I have news....


I have a new book coming out soon. So yeah I'll keep you guys updated on that news. Love you guys bye!!!

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