The girl in vans

Skyland's (Sky for short) second time getting diagnosed with Leukemia. Yeah... Well her childhood best friend comes back to time and finds out Skyland has a type of cancer called Leukemia. Lets just say things happen between those two. But it doesn't end all soft and sweet. (Zayn Malik fan fic)


9. Chapter nine

I yawned as my mom shook me awake. It's been a month since Zayn came down. All we did was fun thingys all day so yeah...


But today was Chemo day. Not happy about it. "Chemo wake up sweetie," My mom said and I groaned.


"I'm awake," I said and sat up. She smiled and walked out my room. I stood up and walked to my closet. I grabbed out a pair of red shorts and a white shirt with red words that read "Live fast, die young, be wild, have fun." 


I then grabbed under gearment and walked to the bathroom. I sat my close down and then walked back to my room. I grabbed my phone and speaker then walked back. I plugged in my phone to the speaker and played Skater boy.


I grabbed a pink towel and sat it by the shower. I turned on the water and got undressed. I got in and did my thing in the shower then stepped out. I wrapped the towel around my and grabbed out a brush. I brushed my hair quickly than ran my hands through it.


I kissed my hair beacuse it was gonna be gone again. I fround as I then got dressed. I took my pills and did my makeup.


Once again I ran my hand through my hair. I walked back to my room and grabbed some red vans. I smiled for once today and walked back to the bathroom. I unplugged my phone and turned off the speaker.


I walked back and sat my speaker down and put my phone in my pocket. I then put on my vans and walk down stairs. I looked at the time and sighed. I then quickly texted Zayn.


To: Zayn

From: Skyland


Hey Zayn sorry to say but can't hang out today. It's more of personal reason. But maybe tomorrrow. Sorry 


xx Your bestieeeeeee MEhhhh


I quickly sent it and sat at the table. My mom handed me a bowl of oatmeal with some strawberries on top. I smiled and quickly ate it all. I took a sip of the orange jucie then dumpped the rest out.


I put my bowl and cup in the sink then walk back to my room. I grabbed my earbuds off my desk as my mom yells "Lets go Sky!"


I quickly ran down the steps almost falling but didn't. I walked outside and got in my mom's car. "Ready?" She asked and I nodded at her as she drove off.


Authors note

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The new Zara comes out soon!!! I'm exicted I hope you are. I'm not sure when this book is ending. But the ending I already planned out and I think you guys will like it. Anyway Love you all and good bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


XX Writter of TGIV


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