The girl in vans

Skyland's (Sky for short) second time getting diagnosed with Leukemia. Yeah... Well her childhood best friend comes back to time and finds out Skyland has a type of cancer called Leukemia. Lets just say things happen between those two. But it doesn't end all soft and sweet. (Zayn Malik fan fic)


8. Chapter eight

I hugged the pillow and hid my face in Zayn's chest. I heard him laugh as I took my face away and looked back at the screen. "Scared much?" He asked with another laugh.


"No!" I said as I grabbed a handful of popcorn and shoved it into my mouth. "It's not even scary. I think its funny!" I said shoving another handful of popcorn in my mouth.


"Boo!" Zayn yelled out of no where. I jumped up and screamed. "Sucker," Zayn said eating a gummy worm. I put my hand on my heart and looked at him.


"Why would you do that?!" I said crossing my arms while he laughed.


"Said you weren't scared!" He said in defense while putting his hands up. I grabbed a handful of popcorn and threw it at his face while laughing.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Late that night~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I smiled as we got to my house. "So I'll see you tomorrow?" I asked while looking out the window.


"Yeah I'll be here around noon," Zayn said and I nodded and opened the door. I turned around and looked at him.


"Thanks for tonight," I said smiling. Zayn laughed and smiled at me.


"Welcome my lady," Zayn said and I closed the door. I walked up to the door and looked back at Zayn's car. I waved goodbye as I opened my front door.


"Mom!" I yelled as I walked into the living room.


"Hey sweetie," My mom said waving at me. I smiled and walked up to the bathroom. I closed the door and locked it. I grabbed out my pills and sat them on the counter. I took a deep breath as I grabbed one of my foam cups.


I turned on the sink and filled up my cup half way then turned off the sink. I sighed and took my pills. I put up my pill bottels and through away my cup. I looked in the mirror and ran my hand through my real hair.


I frowned and shook my head. I turned off the light and walked out the bathroom and to my room. I put on my pj's and set an alarm on my phone. I then plugged in my phone and turned on my TV. I put on Disney then sat my remote back on my night stand.


I put my hair in a bun than turned on my lamp. I turned off my regular lamp and laided in bed. After about a hour I turned off my lamp and went to bed.


Authors Note

Comment if I should do a double update

Hey guysssss. Hope you like the chapppttteeee. I love you all thanks for reading. 


Ps. I start school Friday so that mean mainly weekend updates due to school stuff.... So yeah love you byeeeeee.

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