It's Gonna Be Love (A WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 19 Jun 2014
  • Updated: 28 Jun 2014
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It's Gonna Be Love; Two strangers meet upon eachother randomly, little do they know, they were two lost souls that came together at the end. Dean Ambrose is the type of guy who finds it hard to fall in love. Is he faithful? Maybe, but when he comes across new student, Kim; he is forced to go to formal with her by Roman, but little does he know when he finds out more about Kim, he starts to fall for her, but will it be to late for Kim? For him? Will she make it out with him, or will she leave him hurt in a heartbreak?


8. Second Thoughts

(Christmas Day) 

Kim: Hey dad. *smiles* 

Luke: *sleeping* 

Kim: *cries* I bought you a few presents. Thought you would appreciate it more if I brought one here for you, it's special because I made it. The others are at home if you're wondering. *smiles in tears* Dad, can you hear me? *sets the gift on the side* 

Nurse 1: Kimberly Hayes? 

Kim: *turns around* Yeah? 

Nurse 1: The doctor would like to see you in his office. 

Kim: Oh okay. *follows the nurse* 

Nurse 1: *knocks on the door* Doctor, she's here. 

Dr. Ben: Let her in please. 

Kim: Hi, you wanted to see me? 

Dr. Ben: Yes, I did, have a seat. 

Kim: *sits down* 

Dr. Ben: I have some results here. *cont. talking* 

Roman: So you're not even gonna go see her? 

Dean: She doesn't want to see me. I'm not allowed to see her at the hospital. 

Roman: Why? 

Dean: Matter of fact, we all aren't. 

Roman: How come? 

Dean: All Nikki's fault. 

Nikki: Please, at least I told her the truth. 

Dean: Yeah, you could have played along and said I heard it from the doctor or nurse. 

Nikki: Well I didn't, and her leaving you isn't my fault either! You should of fought back! *turns away* 

Dean: *annoyed* 

Kim: *walks to luke and holds his hand* Daddy? *cries* 

Nurse 2: *unplugs the cords* 

Kim: *crying*  

Nurse 2: If we can have you leave now, we would like to move the next patient in as soon as possible. 

Kim: *crying* Ok. *grabs the gift and leaves* 

(First Day Back From Break) 

Maryse: Kim. 

Kim: *sitting* Oh hey Maryse. 

Maryse: What's wrong? 

Kim: Nothing. 

Maryse: You haven't been hanging out with us lately? How's your dad? 

Kim: *cries*  

Maryse: Is he at least getting better? 

Kim: *wipes her tears* He's better now, he's home where he belongs. 

Maryse: That's good; well come sit with us inside. 

Kim: I can't, Nikki's order. 

Maryse: So, who cares about that bitch, you're my friend and you can come and hang out with me. 

Kim: I wish, but I'm gonna go talk to the principal.  

Maryse: Why?  

Kim: My dad went home on Christmas day; I don't want to be in school anymore, I'm gonna go home too Maryse. 

Maryse: Ok, well I'll be inside if you change your mind. 

Kim: *nods her head silently* 

Maryse: *leaves* 

Kelly: Where'd you go? 

Nikki: I saw you talking to Kim Maryse. 

Maryse: Oh yeah, I asked her about her dad. 

Eve: How is her dad? 

Maryse: He's home she said. 

Brie: Where is she going? 

Maryse: She said her father went home on Christmas, and she doesn't want to be in school anymore, so she's gonna go talk to Principal Jackson and go home too. 

Dean: Say that again. 

Mike: *looks at dean* 

Maryse: *chuckles* Say what? 

Dean: You said she said her dad went home on Christmas? 

Maryse: Yeah? 

Dean: And she's leaving because... 

Maryse: Her dad went home. 

Dean: What the hell Maryse! Why didn't you stop her! 

Maryse: Why? 

Dean: *about to leaves* What she meant was that her father passed away on Christmas! So she's leaving the school to go home too meaning she's gonna take her own life! *looks at nikki mad* 

Nikki: *feels bad* 

Maryse: Oh? I didn't... 

Dean: Gosh! You guys are idiots! *runs off* 

John: C'mon guys, let's go too. 

Kim: *opening her locker* 

Dean: Kim! *slams kims locker* 

Kim: Dean? 

All: *catches up to dean* 

Dean: You can't do that! 

Kim: Do what? 

Dean: Maryse told us and I think what you're about to do is stupid. 

Kim: *cries* My dad left me Dean. I have no one to be with, no one to lean on. Best way is only if I go with them. 

Dean: *mad* Why would you want to take your own life when you know that time will come already?! 

Kim: Because this life now means nothing to me. 

Dean: *cries* I love you Kim! I told you from the start, that I will be by your side, that if you ever needed a friend or someone to talk to, you have me! You have me Kim! *wipes his tears* 

Kim: I don't want to be in love Dean, you know I can't. 

Dean: Why?  

Kim: You know why Dean. 

Dean: Because you're scared you're gonna hurt me instead. I don't care if I get hurt by a beautiful girl like you Kim! As long as I knew I got to be with you on your last breaths. *chokes on his tears* I am happy! 

Kim: *cries* You could never get to be with me Dean. I will never love you enough, and you will never get the chance with me. 

Dean: Why huh?! I don't care if you hurt me, stab me in the back, or doubt me down from being with you. I am in love, and nothing is gonna stop me from wanting to be with the girl I love. 

Kim: Remember when I told you if you change to who you really are... like that good man I once knew. Maybe she can love you more and not be so hurt over your harsh and rude words.  

Dean: Yeah, I remember every word Kim. Maybe I need change to who I really am then maybe she'll love me for me and not be hurt over my harsh and rude words... well you're words hurt too! *cries*  

Kim: *feels bad* 

Dean: I'm not the only one who's hurted you! Maybe you should reconsider your words before saying it because yours hurts too! 

Kim: I'm sorry Dean. I am and I'm sorry that it hurted you. But I can't be here anymore, not like this. *cries again* I have to go before I change my mind. *walks off* 

Dean: *stands and cries* 

Roman: Dean. 

Dean: *hugs roman crying*  

Roman: You told me before, tell her again. Maybe she just wanted to hear them again. If you love her, make her stay, no stop telling her that you love her. Show her. 

Dean: *looks at kim* 

Kim: *walks out the building* 

(Days later) 

Kim: *unwraps the gift she made her dad* I miss you dad. *cries while looking at the picture frame of her and luke* Mom, dad, please don't go too far, I'm coming soon, please wait for me. 

Dean: *calls kim* 

Kim: Hello? 

Dean: Hey Kim, the group and I are having a dinner out and we want to invite you. 

Kim: Invite me? I don't know Dean; if I can find a cab I'll come. 

Dean: Don't need to, open the door. 

Kim: Why? 

Dean: Cause I'm outside. 

Kim: *opens the door* 

Dean: Hi. *smiles* 

Kim: What do you want Dean. 

Dean: We heard from the principal and we wanted to have a last dinner with you before you leave to the foster home... 

Kim: Dean, you know I have to pack up my things, I can't go. 

Dean: I love you Kim, and I'm gonna make sure you go. 

Kim: Dean, I told you that you couldn't love me. 

Dean: I'm sorry, I can't do that. You know that feeling when you're deeply in love and you can't stop or let go of that person. That's how I'm feeling. Kim, hear me out, but... I need you. 

Kim: What? 

Dean: I never needed someone so badly in my life.  

Kim: Even if you need me, I can't stay long. Dean my time is coming. *cries* I'm not going to the foster. I'm gonna go stay at the hospital for the remaining time of my life. 

Dean: *hurt* 

Kim: *cries harder* I don't want to go Dean. They're gonna put me to sleep and I won't ever get to see you again. *hugs dean* I'm scared to go Dean. I was always ready to go, but you came into my life and changed that opinion for me.  

Dean: *pulls kim back and stares at her* Kim. 

Kim: *looking to the ground and crying* 

Dean: Kim. *cries* 

Kim: *looks at dean* I'm in love with you Dean. 

Dean: *pulls kim and hugs her tightly* I'm sorry, I'm sorry our life had to end like this Kim. *cries harder* I'm sorry. I love you so much right now. 

Kim: *hugs dean back*

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