It's Gonna Be Love (A WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 19 Jun 2014
  • Updated: 28 Jun 2014
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It's Gonna Be Love; Two strangers meet upon eachother randomly, little do they know, they were two lost souls that came together at the end. Dean Ambrose is the type of guy who finds it hard to fall in love. Is he faithful? Maybe, but when he comes across new student, Kim; he is forced to go to formal with her by Roman, but little does he know when he finds out more about Kim, he starts to fall for her, but will it be to late for Kim? For him? Will she make it out with him, or will she leave him hurt in a heartbreak?


1. Meeting New Friends

Roman: Never seen her around before. 

Dean: Who? *looks behind him*  

Roman: Why don't you give her a try, maybe she might just be the one. 

Dean: The one? Look at her, I mean she looks nice and everything, but I don't think she's meant for me. 

Roman: Never know. 

Dean: No, no thanks Rom. 

Roman: Winter Formal's coming up. 

Dean: I'm looking for a girlfriend, not date. 

Roman: Yeah, and I said! She could be the one for you. 

Dean: Eh. 

Kim: *opens her locker* 

Kelly: Hi. *smiles* Are you new here? My friends and I always see you and we've never seen you before here. 

Kim: *smiles* Hi, yeah, I am actually, I was new here about two weeks ago. 

Kelly: Would you like to hang out with us? We would love to have you in our group. 

Kim: *smiles/chuckles softly* Yeah, sure, I guess. 

Kelly: Ok, come with me. *smiles* I'm Kelly by the way. 

Kim: Kim. *leaves with Kelly* 

Kelly: Girls, meet Kim, she's new to our school. 

Nikki: *smiles* Hi, Kim, I'm Nikki. 

Brie: And I'm Brie, we're the Bella twins. 

Kim: It's nice to meet you two. 

Eve: I'm Eve, and that's Maryse. 

Maryse: *smiles* Hi. 

Kim: I'm Kim, it's nice to meet you girls, you girls are very beautiful. 

Nikki: So are you, you got that natural beauty look in you. 

Kim: Oh. *chuckles* Thank you. 

Eve: So what school did you come from? 

Kim: I'm actually from New York. 

Maryse: New York? Wow, what made you move here to LA? 

Kim: My dad, he lost his job and wanted to start new here. 

Maryse: Nice. 

Kim: Yeah. *smiles* 

Randy: What's up? Who's this new friend here. *looks at kim* 

Kim: *smiles* I'm Kim. 

Randy: Randy, but anyways, Nikki have you seen John? 

Nikki: No I haven't, wasn't he with Bryan? 

Randy: Alright, I'll look. 

Roman: Hi, can I have a word with you? 

Kim Me, you want to talk to me? *looks at the girls* 

Roman: Yeah, for like a second or two. 

Kim: Ok. *leaves with roman* 

Roman: Are you interested in going to Winter Formal? 

Kim: Um, I don't really know anyone and I don't have a date. 

Roman: I have someone for you though. 

Kim: Ok? *chuckles softly* 

Roman: His name is Dean Ambrose, you'll like him. 

Kim: Is he here? 

Dean: Yeah I am. 

Kim: *looks at dean* 

Dean: Don't worry if you don't like me because I pretty much don't neither, but just for formal, I'm willing to go with you. 

Kim: *fakes a smile* That's really nice of you, but I can't go. 

Dean: Why? 

Kim: You'll have to ask my father for permission. 

Dean: Ok, what's your address, so I can come on by. 

Kim: *gives her address to dean* 

Dean: Thanks, I'll come over some day. 

Kim: *smiles softly* Ok. 

Dean: I'll see you around? 

Kim: Yeah, sure. *chuckles and walk soff* 

(A Few Weeks Later) 

Dean: *rings the doorbell and waits nervously* 

Emmett: Hi, can I help you? 

Dean: Is this Kim's house? 

Emmett: Yes, I'm her father and who are you? 

Dean: I'm Dean Ambrose, I'm sure your daughter has mentioned me to you? 

Emmett: No, but come inside son. 

Dean: Alright. *walks in the house* 

Emmett: So why are you here again? 

Dean: Oh, um, I wanted to get your approval and permission for taking your daughter out for Formal. 

Emmett: Oh, did you ask her? 

Dean: She told me to ask you. 

Emmett: Well ask her first and if she says yes, then you can come back and ask me. 

Dean: Can I ask now, so I don't have to make too many trips. 

Emmett: Of course. 

Dean: Thanks. 

Emmett: I'll go get her. *goes to kims room* Honey. 

Kim: Hey dad. *smiles* 

Emmett: Dean is here and he would like to ask you something. 

Kim: Oh? Ok. *heads downstairs* 

Emmett: I'll be in the garage fixing the car. 

Kim: *smiles* Ok dad. 

Emmett: *goes into the garage* 

Dean: Hey. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Hey. 

Dean: It's a nice house you got here. 

Kim: Yeah, it is, it was all we could afford for now. 

Dean: For now? It's a nice house. 

Kim: Thanks, so my dad said you wanted to ask me something? 

Dean: Oh yeah, remember you told me to ask your father? Well he told me to ask you, so... 

Kim: Oh? Ok.  

Dean: *sits in silence* 

Kim: *breaks the silence* Are you gonna ask me or... 

Dean: *laughs* Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you were just gonna say it. But do you want to go to formal with me? 

Kim: *smiles* I would love to go to formal with you. 

Dean: Great, where is your father now? 

Kim: Oh, I'll go get him. Dad, Dean would like your approval. 

Emmett: I'll be right in. 

Dean: *waits patiently* 

Emmett: So she said yes correct? 

Dean: Yes, she did. 

Emmett: Well you have my answer as that as well.  

Dean: Ok? 

Emmett: Just make sure she's home when it's over. 

Dean: You have my words. 

Emmett: Alright, now get out my house. 

Dean: *gets up quick* I'm going. *leaves* 

(A Few Days Til Formal) 

Kim: *trying on a dress* 

Nikki: Wow that's really pretty Kim. 

Kim: Thank you Nikki. 

Kelly: How are you going with again? 

Kim: Dean Ambrose. 

Brie: Shut up. *smiles* 

Kim: Why? *chuckles* What's wrong with him? 

Brie: He is the school's man whore next to Randy. 

Kim: Oh? 

Nikki: But it's ok because everyone's heard that he's ready to settle down now. 

Kim: Settle down? 

Eve: He's looking for a girlfriend. 

Maryse: You might just be the one for him Kim. *smiles* 

Kim: I'm not allowed to date, I'm surprised my father even let me go to Formal with him, mostly he doesn't let me go anywhere with any boys or anyone. 

Brie: Why? 

Kim: Um... *gets uncomfortable* 

Nikki: You like girls? 

Kim: No I don't, but as friends yes, matter of fact, this is the most I've ever had any friends. 

Nikki: Really, how come? 

Kim: I skipped my sophomore and junior year, this is also my first time back in school. 

Eve: That is insane, why is that? 

Kim: I'm sick you guys, I have leukemia. 

Nikki: *heart drops* Really? Since when? 

Kim: *tries not to cry* I got it after my mother passed away. *cries* She died from the same thing as well. 

Brie: *feels bad* How long ago was this? 

Kim: I've been diagnosed since I was in the mid of ninth grade. Just two months after my mother passed away. 

Nikki: *hugs kim* I'm sorry, but we are your friends and we will fight and be by your side. *smiles* 

Kim: The doctor said I don't have long to live. 

Nikki: *gets sad* How long? 

Kim: I don't know, but it's said that it could be any day this year. 

Nikki: *wants to cry* Kim, you're making me cry. *wipes her tears* 

Kim: *chuckles* I'm sorry. 

Nikki: *cries* 

Kim: *hugs nikki* Don't cry, I'm still here. 

Nikki: It's just that... we all just met you and already you're gonna be leaving us, it saddens me because you're so young and beautiful that god has to take you so soon. 

Kim: *cries* Hey, at least I'll be with my mother right? 

Nikki: Yeah, but what about us? We're your friends, we love you, and we want this friendship to grow old together. 

Kim: *takes a deep breath* I shouldn't told you guys, I knew this was gonna happen. 

Kelly: You look so great though Kim, we wouldn't have known if you never told us. 

Kim: That's my plan Kelly, to not be noticeable.  

Brie: Let's go get something to eat to make us happy, c'mon.

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