Escape // h.s

Anna Stilinski is just another girl is this mundane, god forsaken hellhole of a town, just as everyone else is, until she meets Harry Styles. When things begin to change in Anna's life and town, everyone begins to blame Harry. What will everyone think when she begins to defend him? What happens when her past is exploited to the public, no longer her own desperate little secret?

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1. Chapter 1.

June 14, 2014

Dear Diary,
I have been persistently chasing something that seems further away than I had hoped. I never knew it could be so hard to get when I tried so much harder to bring it closer. With each day that passes, the further it slips, and with each second that passes, the harder it is to bring it back. If time could stand still, it would be right within my fingertips, and I would finally be able to grasp it, tight. -Anna

I have never been one to write in a journal all the time, but after multiple sessions of therapy, it became easier. I've gone to therapy since I was eleven, mostly because of all of the things that I've been put through regarding my past, and hardly because of what would transpire at school. I was never your typical bad-ass girl from the movies, who rebelled against her parents and ran away with someone they absolutely despised. I was- I am- that girl who stays up late every night, cramming for school by studying and finishing her essays. I never began my school work early but I also never procastinated.

My name is Anna Stilinski, and this is my story.

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