Me and my best friend (Aye_its_danielle) are writing two different stories mine being carter and hers taylor it is magcon fanfiction hope you like it :)


4. chapter 4

Sam: 'I'm almost in town.' I growled at my phone. I didn't want to meet up with him at all.

"Carter.." I poked his cheek,

"Go away." He groaned while swatting my hand away.

"Carter...I need to go meet Sam."

"No." His arm snaked around my waist pulling me into him. I smiled remembering everything that happened. Carter shakily asked me out, we had our first date and he kissed me afterwards.

"But I need to. For Danielle I have to straighten things out."

"Fine." He growled, we got ready and packed my bags. Cameron and Nash were clinging to my legs, crying not wanting me to go. Taylor was holding my head for some reason and Matt was holding on to my mid section,

"Guys." I laughed, carter did nothing because he was unhappy that I had to go meet Sam. "It's only for a few hours. I'll be back. You've got the whole summer with me."

"Sam is a bad guy. Your not going." Matt mumbled into my stomach.

"I know but Danielle still loves him. She lives right next door for god sake let me go!" I laughed, they eventually let go and soon me an carter were sitting at Starbucks. He set my bags on the sidewalk,

"I don't like this." He grumbled for the thousandth time, I buried my head in his shoulder not wanting to let him go.

"Me either, but I have to." He tipped my head up and gave me a kiss,

"I'll see you soon?" I nodded mutely, watching carter back out and drive away. Sam pulled in a few minutes later. Gusher dashed out of the car and tackled me with kisses. Sam put my bags in the car and I went in to Starbucks with gush on my heels.

"Dogs aren't allowed miss." A worker said, I pulled out the papers and showed him, I ordered and sat at a table.

"So...." Sam started,

"I don't like you. Never have never will, when Danielle left I got closer to you because you were the only other person as close to her as I was so I saw comfort in that. I need to tell her what happened but it will ruin this weekend. Your not supposed to like me you douche so we are going to act like nothing happened until I feel it is right to tell her."

"But I do like you."

"No Sam. You don't. Let's go." I threw my cup in the trash an got in the car. The drive was quiet and tense, gush would occasionally let out a small growl when he thought Sam was too close. We arrived at her house, she threw open the door and gusher attacked her with kisses.

"Boy have I missed you Gush!" She pet him one last time and stood up brushing gushers hair off of her, and Gusher just sat by our feet.

I dropped my bags and wrapped her in a bear hug that felt like it lasted forever. I tried to show her how much I loved her through the hug. Finally I released her, she turned to Sam and gave him a peck, it would've been more if he didn't have feelings for me. It broke my heart just thinking about it.

"So where should we put our bag?" Sam asked looking around.

"Just up the stairs in my room on the right." She pointed to the stairs. He picked up his bags and headed towards her room. "Well that was weird.."

"Really? Seemed normal to me." I shrugged it off, then I tried to walk past her to her room.

"Oh no you don't! What's going on?" I gave her a look trying to seem like I didn't have a clue. This is going to kill me. We walked up the steps with gusher following after us.

"So whose sleeping where?" Sam asked.

"Sam your on the floor and Jacquie and I in my bed." She nodded and tossed some blankets and pillows from the trunk by her bed on the floor.

"That doesn't seem fair!" Sam protested.

"Ya were girls, your a guy! Tough up!" I snapped at him letting my frustration seep through.


We woke up the next morning and everyone was awake. We all checked our phones like normal teens and walked down stairs. There was a note on the counter from Lorna 'Had to go to work. Be home around 2. Love you.'

I looked at my phone and saw it was only 11 so we had a few hours until Lorna was home.

"So waffles sound good?" Danielle spoke up, Sam nodded.

"Yea sounds great!" I smiled standing next to her.

"Good because you making them!" She smiles at me and I laugh. She always made me cook "I'm not kidding."

"I know your not." She gave me a short tour of the kitchen and then sat by Sam while I started cooking. My phone went off, Danielle looked at it smiling,

"Ahhh Carter with a heart texted you" she smirked and raised her eyebrows in the suggestive way.

"Who's he!" Sam sat up and puffed out his chest.

"Sam chill. Why do you care so much?" She sounded confused, shit. He is gunna blab.

"Yea really why do you care so much?" I tried playing it off shaking my head at him.

"Someone better tell me what the hell is going on right now!" She stood up and smacked her hands on the table.

"Danielle. I like jacquie. While you were gone I grew closer to her and I realized she was really the one I wanted to be with."

"Jackie did you know?" Danielle started shaking from anger, her eyes started tearing up, mine did too.

"Yea. He kissed me....multiple times." I set the spoon i was holding gently on the counter.

I gave Sam a murderous glare and ran after Danielle. She was standing by her pool,

"Danielle, look I'm so sorry your my best friend I never wanted to hurt you. I wanted to tell you in person, and then I wanted to wait so it would ruin our weekend together." I rested my hand on her shoulder. Danielle turned around and totally ignored me, breaking my heart even more and went straight for Sam.

"Why did you do it? I thought you loved me?"

"Don't yell at me." Sam looked down at her.

"Oh I'm wasn't yelling but NOW IM YELLING! ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION SAM!" She looked pissed and I didn't blame her.

"I said don't YELL AT ME!" He raised his hand, my eyes widened, he wouldn't. His hand came in contact with her cheek. Her head snapped to the side and she fell to the ground. I rushed to her side checking out her cheek.

"Sam you should leave." I looked at him with disgust, how could he do something like that? The boys were standing around us,

"Fuck all of you! Your both cunts!" Sam stormed out and I heard his car screech down the street.

"Taylor pick her up and bring her inside we need to get ice on it." I took control, Taylor did as I said and the rest followed us in.

"Here have her sit on the counter." Taylor sat her on the counter and i got an ice pack from the fridge.

"Let's give them some space." Nash said quietly, this was weird, they were all quiet.

"Apply pressure to your cheek." I put the ice pack on my cheek and she took the ice pack from me replacing my hand with hers to keep it in place.

"Get his stuff out of my house now!" Danielle demanded I just nodded and yelled for Carter, we ran upstairs to do as she asked.

"We heard yelling and came out. Sorry we weren't there sooner."

"It's okay. I knew he was low but I never thought he would hit a girl. I'll talk to his mom." I was furious. I opened her window removed the screen and threw his bags out. I didn't care what happened to them.

"Taylor's taking care of her. Jacquie did he touch you?" Carter did a full body scan,

"No. He slapped her and ran." My blood was boiling. I dialed his moms number,

"Jacquie honey! When are you going to visit?"

"I don't know, but I need to fill you in on some things." I told her everything start to finish while starring out the window. Carter was standing behind me supporting my whole body.

"That boy is going to get it. Thank you for telling me. His father will come pick up his things."

"Thank you."

"No problem sweetie. You'll visit?"

"As long as he isn't around."

"Sounds good thank you bye honey." I hung up, carter kissed my neck,

"Is that what really happened?" I spun around and saw Danielle standing in the doorway with tears streaming down her face. I just nodded, my throat closed up. She walked towards me, we opened our arms at the same time and collapsed on her bed holding each other.

"I should've listened to you." She sobbed,

"I've never liked him."

"Even though your dad is best friends with his dad."

"Yeah." We sobbed into each other. "I wanted to tell you but didn't know how."

"It's okay. I like your boyfriend and his friends." She changed the topic.

"I know they are kinda fun." I smiled looking at the boys,

"Excuse me?" Matt asked, gusher ran in and nuzzled his way in between us. Matt watched him carefully,

"Why's Matt look ready to run?" Danielle looked at me,

"Gush didn't make the nicest first impression..." We all laughed, the boys ended up staying and we all fell asleep on Danielle's bed. Taylor seemed to take an interest in Danielle...

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