Me and my best friend (Aye_its_danielle) are writing two different stories mine being carter and hers taylor it is magcon fanfiction hope you like it :)


14. Chapter 13

"Damn gurl, this food is amazing!!" Nash moaned as he took a bite of chicken and pasta. 

"Thanks." I laughed along with the others. After Danielle ran out, I ran after her but saw her jump out the window to Sam. I knew they needed to talk it out so I covered for her making an excuse for Taylor not to run after her as well. I was hoping I made the right decision and that Sam won't lay a hand on her. I had to think quick with something to distract the boys so I made food. The Italian side of me loved cooking and baking for no reason, Brett always said that was the only reason he stayed was for my kitchen skills. Mom and Nonna had taught me everything I needed to know and gave me a whole set of the family recipes. I cooked a chicken basil sauce for the noodles and for desert I had two brownie coffee pies. 

"What is that other smell?" sniffing around Cam looked at me, 

"I may have also put in something for desert." I replied nonchalantly while taking a bite. 

"Carter can I have your girlfriend?" Matt asked, Carter pulled me to where I was now between his legs sitting on the floor.

"Nope. She is all mine, I may share her but I am not sure yet."

"HEY! I am not an object!" I pout,

"No you aren't but your perfect, even your flaws are perfect and you are all mine."

"It sounds like you had sex." My brother grumbles, I stare at him and utter horror. 

"MY GOD! BRETT!" I feel Carter laughing and turn my glare to him, he shuts up but his face is red from holding back the laughing. 

"I promise we haven't not that I haven't wanted to." I again I am left with the look of horror on my face. I bury my head into Gushers back in embarrassment,

"Carter I think I approve of you. No lies just the truth. Even if it isnt something I will completely like." My dad speaks up. Just then there is a thump from upstairs, I am the first up and I tell everyone to stay. Rushing up the steps I open the door to my room, there is Danielle brushing her hair out in front of my mirror.

"Room. Now." She nods knowing that she has to fill me in anyways. We walk into my closet and I open the secret door behind my shoes. It is more of a safety room but I have made it so it is also where I can go for quiet or to keep some conversations private. The room is soundproof and has everything I could need in it so I pull out two monsters and we sit and talk.

"I told him I never loved him, he sounded hurt but I mean he hurt me in more than one way. I just, I think I love Taylor."

"I love Carter." her eyes go wide. 

"Have you told him?" She looks shocked,

"Yeah," I looked at her, she wanted more, "Okay so for some reason the last night I stayed I had a night mare well you know about that night. Carter just held me, the only thing he asked was if he should get you. I told him no so he just rocked me and comforted me, I got the guts and told him but not before saying it might chase him away he gave me a little speech that ended with I love you and I said it back because I do love him." She smiled, we finished talking and then went back down stairs. I got the brownies out and they were gone in minutes. 

"So are you and Carter going to stay here or at a hotel?" Daddy asked,

"I reserved a room at a nearby hotel but whatever Jacquie wants to do I'm all for it." Carter looks at me, well really everyone is looking at me.

"I think us staying at the hotel would be nice." Carter smiled,

"No funny business." My dad grumbled, he kissed my forehead and then went to bed soon Brett followed.

"I guess we should get going then." I cleaned up, we headed out after I packed some clothes and Gushers things.

"What if the hotel doesn't allow dogs?" Matt asked,

"Remember I got a permit thing. Don't worry Gusher is staying with us." I turned to see them cuddling, "unless you want him staying with you...."

"That would be nice." He smiled and Gusher licked his cheek. We got to the hotel, Gusher familiarized himself with the place and people, turns out they allow animals. After giving Matt gushers things Carter and I got settled in our room.

"Hey babe I am going to go get some Starbucks!" I shout to Carter who was showering,

"Grab me some chipotle!" I laugh and head downstairs, this hotel was awesome! As I'm waiting for my coffee a lady walks by looking like she wants to talk, we make eye contact and I smile,

"Hi." She smiles, "I was wondering...oh never mind."

"No if I can help with anything I'd be more than happy to." I give her an encouraging smile,

"Well you see my son he has a high level of autism..."

"Oh! I used to watch a kid with autism. They are so sweet and nice." Her eyes light up,

"So you know how unsocial they are?" I nod, "well Danny is 10 and the magcon boys make him laugh,"

"I'd love to meet Danny and I am sure the boys will as well, it's only 8:30 so if Danny is allowed I bet the boys can meet him now?"

"I'll bring Danny over hold on a minute please?" I waited while she walked hurriedly over to her son. She practically dragged him to me,

"Hi Danny, I like your socks." I smile and a huge grin spreads across his face,

"Thank you, I like yours." He points to my feet, I look down at my dinosaur knee high socks,

"I think I have a new pair of these socks...if it's okay with your mom would you like to come get them." He looks to his mom eagerly.

"Of course." Danny smiles widely and the. Drags me to the elevator while both me and his mom laugh. I tell him my room number, he runs and waits while bouncing up and down eagerly. I open the door to hear shouting and a Matt dinosaur! I look over to Danny...

"Boys...this is Danny who is now my friend. Danny these are my boys."

"NASH!!!" Danny went around hugging everyone and the boys hugged him back as eagerly. I was glad they didn't question just going with it.

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