Me and my best friend (Aye_its_danielle) are writing two different stories mine being carter and hers taylor it is magcon fanfiction hope you like it :)


13. chapter 12

"Jacquie! The boys will be here any minute what the fuck are you doing!?" Me and Danielle are getting ready for our double date with the boys, we were going to see the fault in our stars!

"I'm....perfecting!" I grunted out, digging in the back of my closet for the perfect pair of shoes.

"Oh my god! Shoes don't matter! You only have one foot!"

"Way to be unsentimental." I grumble tying up the sandal.

"You know it's true. Now come on! It takes you five minutes to get downstairs!"

"Not anymore." I give her a mischievous look. "BRENT! PAY UP TIME COME CARRY ME DOWNSTAIRS!"

"I really hate owing you debts." I'm picked up bridal style and Danielle carries my crutches. Half way down the bell rings, Gusher sprints to the door barking and growling,

"Matt would've pissed himself." I hear Taylor say through the door. I burst into laughter and don't settle down until Carter gives me a kiss.

"I am in the room." My dad grumbles.

"Sorry Daddy. Let's go!" My voice giddy with excitement. The car ride seems to last forever, I practically bounce in my seat the whole time.

"Damn these crutches." They fucking slow me down. Carter tells me to go save us seats, I remind him to get me M&MS before I go to find us good seats. I'm sitting all alone in the second row in the very front when a guy comes to sit next to me.

"A pretty girl like yourself shouldn't be seeing this movie alone." Before I even open my mouth to respond someone speaks up,

"Good thing she isn't." I crane my neck to see who spoke up. Matt, Cam and Nash were standing behind me,

"Should've known you would have more than one guy, need a fourth?"

"Your disgusting, my boyfriend is coming with my popcorn, these boys are practically brothers. So if you don't mind I don't like trash next to me." The boys burst into Ooos and buuuurn, the guy leaves and the boys sit next to me.

"Nice to see you guys. What you doing here?"

"Is Carter the only one who is allowed to want to see you before we leave for the summer?" Matt starts fake crying extremely loud.

"Oh my god! I didn't mean it like that I meant on our double date?"

"Well we figure Cash could join and Matt is a good 7th wheel." I laughed.

"Alright. Don't make fun of me when I cry."

"No promises."

"What the hell!?" And there are rest of my family,

"Gimme gimme gimmie! I reach greedily for the candy and popcorn.

"That's my seat Matt." I pouted when he ignored me.

"Fine!" He raised his hands in surrender, after Carter sat down Matt plopped on my lap. I couldn't control my laughter,

"Matty your gunna break this leg an I'll have to hobble around." I breathe out through my laughs,

"Matt! Get off her!" Carter sat him in the chair next to me,

"Where are you gunna sit?" I asked not wanting him to sit behind us.

"Get up." He pulls me up, sits in my seat then pulls me ontop of him. I wiggle around a little, he grips my waist.

"You really shouldn't do that." He whispers huskily in my ear. Oh....I chuckle, and wiggle a little more.

"I had to get comfy." I end up sitting to the side with my legs in matts lap. The movie started and I shushed everyone. About 5 minutes in Carter started kissing my neck and nibbling my ear.

"Stop!" I hiss not taking my eyes off the screen and putting my hand on his face. He pouted and didn't try anything else. When the movie ended I had tears running down my face. Carter wiped them away and kissed me. I looked at our group, the boys were crying. Matt in particular, surprise surprise! Taylor and Danielle well let's just say with their position I'm glad Danielle already saw the movie.

We all went to my house but not before Carter got me some starbs. When we pulled in there was an extra car in the driveway. I recognized it after seeing the horse figure dangling from the rearview mirror.

"Let's hope their son isn't with them." Danielle mumbled. We walked in and went to where the voices were.

"Jacquie! How are you!?" Abby embraces me in her crushing hug.

"I'm good." After they catch up with Danielle, the devil walks in. Everyone stops talking and unfortunately I was locked in a staring contest.

"I know most people in the room have a strong hatred towards me and honestly I don't blame them. I came on my parents request and because I actually did want to thank you for pulling me out of the car. I was drunk while driving. I swear I didn't mean to hit you I just lost control at the moment you passed me. Just after everything thank you for saving my life. Anyone else would've let me died."

"I forgive you Sam. Not for hurting my best friend physically and emotionally, and not for making a move on me. But for everything else."

"Thank you." He turns to leave but turns to Danielle, he brushed his knuckles down her cheek. " I'm so sorry. On the drive up I did drink Jamison, you know that it makes me angry. But that still doesn't excuse what I did to you." He wrapped her in a hug, then left wordlessly,

"I need to go." Danielle pointed up the stairs and ran.

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