Me and my best friend (Aye_its_danielle) are writing two different stories mine being carter and hers taylor it is magcon fanfiction hope you like it :)


11. chapter 11

It is bliss just laying and not hearing or thinking about anything. No worries no fears. Nothing you have to do or say. But then it gets lonely, and then scary. After hearing the beeps of machines I felt reassured. I heard feet shuffling, some crying and then screaming?

"JACQUELYN MARIE! YOU BETTER BE FUCKING FINE OR I AM GOING TO HURT YOU EVEN MORE!" Oh lovely my best friend was going crazy in the building. 

"MA'AM! I need you to calm down and please keep your voice down." 

"Bitch please, my best friend just got in a car crash and almost killed herself saving my sorry ass ex. I have a right to raise my voice. Thank you very much, now if you will leave I need to talk with her." A door was slammed and I tried laughing, all I felt was my mouth curve into a smile. 

"Hi Danielle."

"Carter, nice to see you." Footsteps came to my bed, "Hey, I know you can hear me. Try and open your eyes?" I tried but I couldn't it felt like someone was holding them down. 

"Excuse me, are you the girl who was making all the noise?" I recognized the voice but couldn't think of who it was. 

"Psssht, nope. I am very calm." Danielle remarked, I let out a snort. 

"Well I think Jacquie is waking up, she seems to think your sarcasm and sass is funny."

"Well duh. Those are two of the many reasons why she loves me." I pried my eyes open wanting to watch this. No one but Carter noticed, he smiled walking over and giving me a kiss on the forehead. 

"How long was I out?"

"A few hours, are you feeling okay?" Carter studied my face, like he was worried I was going to be gone soon. 

"I feel a little stiff..." I tried bending my left leg but felt something restrict it. "What the hell!?" I pulled my blanket away from my leg. 

"Your entire left leg was broken from the car accident, we think that you passed out because of the pain. Since you ran on it and put a lot of pressure on it from saving that kid then you made it worse and the pain overwhelmed you. You also have a minor case of whiplash, some bruises and cuts but the only major cut is the one on your right forearm. From reaching into his broken window and pulling him out you cut your arm with a thick piece of glass making it wide and deep."

"Hi to you too Grant. When did you become a doctor here?"

"Not too long ago maybe two months or so." He looked at the ground. 

"And you never thought to come visit? Say hi? Or just inform me that you are here?" I was getting angry, 

"Jacquelyn." He sighed. 

"NO! You promised you would keep me updated. That you would keep in touch and not drop off the face of the Earth. Agian." tears were forming, 

"You know what Mom asked me to do."

"Yes I do, and I told you to forget about it. I need you in my life. Grant, Dad and Brett need you too."

"I can't face them."

"Why not?"


"Grant....they aren't here because I told them I wanted to check on Jacquie before they came in so that I could tell them if it was bad." Danielle put in softly,

"They will leave if they know I am your doctor. Hell they will probably admit you to a different hospital."

"Ant. Come here." I ordered using the name I gave him when I couldn't pronounce is full name. He came over to me with his head bent looking defeated. Carter was in the corner confused as hell. I made eye contact with Danielle, she got that me and Grant needed a few minutes so she dragged Carter out of the room. 

"They hate me so much."

"How do you know?"

"I wasn't there for you and Mom. Dad has a reason to hate me, I am not his and Brett. Well I left Brett when he needed me."

"Dad adopted you. It doesn't matter to him that you weren't biologically his. He loves you as much as he loves me and Brett. He raised you, taught you things a dad needs to teach his son. Brett. Brett forgave you a long time ago. I catch him staring at your picture all the time, I have even seen him cry looking at it. Grant we need you to come back home."

"She's right you know. Every last thing is true." Brett's voice carried through the room from the doorway. Dad stood behind him staring at me and Grant. He slowly walked past Brett, stopping when his legs hit the bed. He embraced Grant, some tears flowed down both their faces.

"Thank God. Now I need my phone. Grant you are moving in tonight. I would like your address so I can send someone to get your bags." I ordered, Grant chuckled writing his address and phone number on a piece of paper and handing it to me. 

"So you can check out after I fill out the paper work which will only take about 10 minutes." Grant left the room and in rushed Abby and Drew. 

"Oh sweetie thank you so much. I am glad you are safe! What you did was the most amazing thing ever."

"Abby it is okay. I love you guys and I know how broken you would've been if he died so I had to save him. I may not like him but no one deserves that kind of thing to happen." They both nodded and Abby was about to burst into tears, 

"How are you honey?"

"I've been better. My body will heal. Carter is here so he can wait on me." I smiled while everyone laughed. 

"You bet I will." Carter kissed my forehead. 

"Excuse me....Abby, Drew........Something is happening with Sam." A nurse ran in breathless, uh oh.

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