Let Me Go

She woke up in the hospital with no memory of who she was, or where she was. The doctors told her that she was in an accident and have been in a coma for months now. After a few weeks she is released and stays with one of her friends. Then he came into the picture with his cheeky smile and flashy style. He knew her more than she knew herself. He wanted to use this as a new beginning so he had her friend promise not to say a thing about him. But when his little secret is out will she still love him?


1. Romeo?

Hunter’s POV:


*Beep Beep Beep*


I flicked my eyes open to see the sun beaming in through the window as Hazel turned the alarm clock off. I sat up rubbing my head as my eyes adjusted to the bright sunlight. I wasn’t used to this yet, any of it. Part of me wishes I could go back to being in a coma. At least then I knew who I was.


“Sorry about the alarm clock.” Hazel apologized handing me a glass of water.


“No it’s fine.” I smiled softly at her.


“Are you sure?”


“Yeah I need to get used to being out of that cold hospital room.” I smiled at her.


“Great! Lets go get some ice cream then!” She cheered running out of the room. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that. What was ice cream again? Oh yeah that frozen milk stuff. I changed into some clean clothes before heading out into the living room to find her dancing around the room cheerfully. I leaned against the wall smiling. It was nice to see her smiling again. When I first woke up she seemed like the saddest person alive. I think it was because I had no clue who she was, and she’s suppose to be my best friend. I feel bad that I don’t remember anything because I feel like I am tearing people apart.


“So about that ice cream.” I finally spoke up causing her to turn around startled at first. Then she smiled and pulled me out of the apartment. All the way to the ice cream shop she rambled on about what we used to do as kids. It seemed like she was just telling me a story, but I knew she wouldn’t lie to me. When we got inside I sat at a table while she ordered the ice cream.


“Hunter.” I looked up to see a pair of emerald green eyes staring at me. He had a clever smirk glued to his lips.


“Do I know you?” I questioned.


“I’m your boyfriend. Harry.” He smirked.


“Hazel!” I yelled causing her to run back to me in a panick.


“Y-Yes?” She stuttered.


“Is this man my boyfriend?” I asked.


She looked over at him with unsureness then she turned back to me with a soft smile on her lips. I was expecting her to say no it was just some guy who wished he was my boyfriend. Because we have gone through that a few times already.


“Yes.” She said to my surprise.


“Really?” I questioned. “You let me date that?”


“Ouch.” Harry grabbed his shirt above his heart like someone stabbed him.


“Sorry Hunter.” She giggled before going back to the counter to grab our ice cream, leaving me with Harry. He took a seat next to me, never letting his eyes leave mine.


“Still don’t believe me?” He questioned.

“It’ll take much more than that romeo.” I rolled my eyes.

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