Why Can't I Stay Dead

Cory Davis's life takes a sharp turn when she gets pulled into a whirlwind that she can't stop. Late one night when she is walking home from a club a mugger pops out of the shadows. After some misunderstanding and some gunshots Cory is dead.
Cory wakes up in a completely different body with a completely different life. Every time that she dies she wakes up in a different body.
next thing that Cory knows is that there are people chasing her, people who want her dead. Dead for good.


2. chapter one- what's wrong with you (six months earlier)

I walked down 6th avenue hurriedly. I looked down at my watch for the one hundredth time and groaned. I was meeting my best friend Andre down town and I was going to be late. We were going to a party tonight and I had to have my fifteen year old little butt home by ten and it was already 8:30.  I wore my favorite leather biker jacket on over a frilly T-shirt. My jeans had more fashionable holes than could be counted and my boots were black with scuff marks and scratches. They went a little above my ankle and my jeans were tucked into them. My strait blonde hair was pulled back in a neat pony tail that flopped up and down on my back as I walked.  I looked down at my watch again as I walked into the old fashioned coffee shop.  Me and Andre hang out there all the time and we used it as a meeting spot when we want to go somewhere.  I scanned the mostly empty coffee shop, looking for Andre. I had almost given up on him when there was a shout from behind me. "Cori". I heard Andre shout.  I turned around to find him sitting at an empty booth drinking from a paper coffee cup. I smiled and hopped over. The table was not the one we usually sat at. It was on the other side of the shop. I put that thought aside and sat across from him.  "Hey". I said suddenly taking interest in a new found freckle on my hand. "We had better get going, my dad wants me home by ten".  Andre looked up from his coffee. "Yeah, I guess".  "Well don't get too excited". I said sarcastically.  Andre frowned and crushed his empty coffee cup.  "What's up with you, why such a sourpuss".  "Let's just go". He said getting up from the table.  I picked up his discarded cup and tossed it in the trash as I chased him out the door.  "Andre" I shouted as I caught up with him. "Stop".  He turned and glared at me. "I thought that you wanted to go to your stupid party". He steamed. I was taken back. I stood shocked. "Not like this, Andre what's wrong".  "Nothing is wrong".  "You know that you can tell me anything".  "Just forget it, nothing is wrong".  This was a whole new side to Andre. I didn't like it.  "It is pretty hard to forget it when you are acting like this". I retorted. "Something is obviously wrong". Andre turned away. "Are we going to this party or not".  "Yeah". I said looking down at my watch. I would only have about thirty minutes to stay. "But loose the bad attitude, I don't like it".  Andre moved on and I followed. I had trouble keeping pace with him. He was going to darn fast. Eventually I gave up and  took the 'a little ways behind him' option.  By the time we got to the club it was already nine. I wouldn't be able to stay long. 

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