15 year old Zoe's life is turned upside down when her parents move her away from her friends in California to London royal dance boarding school. However she soon meets 5 boys who become great friends but when she starts to have feelings for one of them things get complicated. Can her best girl friends keep her focused on the up coming dance show or will love tear her away from her dream?


3. Zoe's pov

Zoe's pov

Happily I strolled down the endless corridors with my new friends ,trying to take in everything around me. Gradually I noticed we had started to leave the route to the cafeteria ,it seemed we were headed for the exit to the school. "Erm.....don't want to seem rude but isn't the cafeteria that way?" I asked.

"Haha yes it is! But we don't always eat there. There is a diner across the road called Ruby's that we usually go to. It's a way cooler place to hang." Chloe told me.

I just went along with it even though I was not sure about leaving the grounds on my first day.

Five minutes later I stepped out of the building blinking into the light. We crossed the road and went into the joint. The smell was amazing! We sat down at a small booth and the girls all started chatting about how great this year was going to be. But all I could notice was a boy about my age looking in our direction. He was very cute and so were the others he was with. But he stood out. He had something, a sparkle. 'Stop Zoe. The last thing you need right now us a relationship.just focus on dance and school work." I told myself. I got up to go to the salad bar to try and brush off these weird feelings.

Authors note:

Hey guys hope u liked the chapter if u hv any feedback please tell! Xxx

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