15 year old Zoe's life is turned upside down when her parents move her away from her friends in California to London royal dance boarding school. However she soon meets 5 boys who become great friends but when she starts to have feelings for one of them things get complicated. Can her best girl friends keep her focused on the up coming dance show or will love tear her away from her dream?


1. Zoe's p.o.v

"Wow" I exclaimed as I gazed down the big hall where hundreds of students poured out of every room. This place was amazing! I knew straight away that it was worth everything to be here and that I was incredibly lucky.

Only a few weeks ago I had been packing my bags in our beautiful house in California. My best friend and soulmate Aleesha was sat next to me ,gently sobbing into my duvet ,begging me to stay. Part of me wanted to say yes but I knew that I would never have the chance to dance in one of the most prestigious schools in the world again. I had to do it. Even if it meant leaving all I loved behind me. The hardest part was saying goodbye to my parents who were crying. ALOT.

But now I'm here I know it's where I belong. As I made my way towards dorm number 113 I gazed in awe at the slim elegant beautiful dancers that floated around the halls. Finally I reached my room. With shaking hands I gently pushed open the door and to my surprise found an empty room with four beds. Perfect. Tired I flopped onto the bed near the window and looked around the room.

It was very sweet. The duvets were flowery and the walls a light shade of pink. There were four mirrors ,four wardrobes and four dressers. The room came with a Cath kidson style en suite. After about 5 minutes relaxation I started to unpack my things. Once I was done I felt a little more at home. "Just one finishing touch" I said to myself as I placed a picture of me and Aleesha on my cabinet. Reminding me of the place where I once belonged.

Half an hour later I was lying on my bed scrolling through my emails when suddenly three girls burst into the room giggling and chatting merrily. They stooped once they saw me.

"Hi..... U must be Zoe right?" One asked me.

"Yes Zoe may askew. I just moved here from America" I answered.

"I'm Chloe" said the blonde girl.

"Hey I'm Olivia" said a girl with curly brown hair and a kind smile.

"I'm Eleanor. But u can call me El!" Said a pretty girl with long brown hair.

I watched them all unpack and noticed how nice they were trying to make conversation with me. Suddenly out if the blue Chloe sake me "do u want to b my best friend?" I was a little stunned as we had only just me but willingly agreed because at the moment I needed friends more than anything. "Yay" they all chimed.

So it looked like I had made my first lot of friends and hopefully the classes will be just as successful. "I'm hungry" Olivia moaned loudly. Actually I was starving myself so hastily followed the girls out into the school. "How am I ever going to find my way around?"I thought to myself. But once I caught a whiff of the delicious smells from the cafeteria all I could think about was getting food in my stomach!


Authors note

Hey guys! This is my first movella so please give ideas! Will post next chapter when I can! Luv u guys xxxxxx

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